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Mateus The Original Rose wine close up

It’s Coming Around Again, Mateus Rosé Wine

 mywinepal  November 23, 2018

It’s like Carly Simon says if you are willing to play the game, its “Coming Around Again”. This time I’m talking about Mateus sparkling wine from Portugal. The oval dark green Mateus Rosé sparkling wine bottle is probably very familiar to my parent’s generation, and to me by assimilation.  But for the younger people, GenX and Millennials, Mateus may not be on their…

Portugal flag

My Portuguese Wine Picks from VanWineFest 2018

 mywinepal  March 16, 2018

Portugal is more than just port wine.  That is where most people’s experience with Portuguese wines may have started and stopped, but Portuguese wines are so much more.  I quite enjoy the red and white blends from Portugal. They are very food friendly and tend to be ready to drink once purchased. There are more than 250 grape varieties in…

40th Vancouver International Wine Festival

VanWineFest 2018 Media Preview Por Favor and Obrigado

 mywinepal  January 16, 2018

The 39th Vancouver International Wine Festival starts on Feb 24, 2018.  What an amazing success, for the Festival to be bringing us wines from around the world to our doorstep, along with a winery principal!  There will be 1400+ wines to taste through all events, and more than 700 wines in the Festival Tasting Room.  Our theme countries for this…

Herdade das Servas winery logo

Celebrate a Glass with Herdade das Servas at VanWineFest 2018

 mywinepal  January 3, 2018

Who We Are The Serrano Mira family is one of the oldest families involved in wine production in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Clay containers used for winemaking dating back to 1667 have been conserved on its properties. In 1955 the maternal great-grandfather of the two brothers Carlos and Luís – the sixth generation of winemakers in the family –…

MyWinePal Top 5 Star Wines

MyWinePal Top 5 Star Rated White, Sparkling, and Fortified Wines for 2017

 mywinepal  December 25, 2017

This past year I tasted a tremendous number of wines from around the world, but some wines really resonated with me.  It may have been the great balance of fruit, sugar, acidity for a white wine, or the fruit, tannins and minerality in a red wine, or something else. Something that made the wine stand above the other wines.  Could…

Quinta de Soalheiro logo

Find Out More about Quinta de Soalheiro at VanWineFest 2018

 mywinepal  December 10, 2017

Quinta de Soalheiro, a pioneer in the creation of Alvarinho wine in Melgaço, is an international benchmark for the wines of this grape variety, blending perfectly into the distinctive Minho landscape surrounding it. Located in Melgaço (Portugal’s northernmost point) it is protected by a range of mountains that create the conditions necessary for the best ripening of the Alvarinho grapes. History of the Family and the Brand…

Casajus logo

Enjoy a Glass with Bodegas Casajús at VanWineFest 2018

 mywinepal  December 7, 2017

Our Founder José Alberto Calvo Casajús was born in Quintana del Pidio. This small town is located on the foothills of the north side of the Duero Valley that shapes the appellation of Ribera del Duero. He had the privilege of growing up in the bosom of a winemaking family, thus, he was exposed at a very young age to…