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Bodegas Alvear sherries

Cocktail Time With SherryPR SAMPLE 

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Sherry is a very misunderstood wine style. It comes in a wide range of styles, from dry and citrusy to medium-bodied with some sweetness and nuttiness to deeply coloured, luscious, very sweet with a thick feeling on the palate.  These wines each have a place in a meal or sipping on their own. But, what you may not know, is…

CVNE red wines from Rioja

Are You a Rioja Wine Fan? Take The Quiz.

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The history of Rioja wine is as rich as its flavour. Nestled in the northern region of Spain, Rioja’s winemaking tradition dates back centuries, with evidence of grape cultivation and wine production tracing back to the Roman Empire. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that Rioja began to gain international recognition, thanks to advancements in winemaking techniques and the…

Jose Luis Muguiro Jr from Marques de Riscal

A Video Interview with Jose Luis Muguiro Jr from Marques de Riscal at VanWineFest 2024

 mywinepal  March 21, 2024

The red wines of Rioja, Spain, are renowned for their rich history and exceptional quality. Produced primarily from the Tempranillo grape, these wines often exhibit complex flavours of ripe fruit, oak, and spice, with a characteristic balance of acidity and tannins. Among the distinguished producers in the region, Marqués de Riscal stands out as a beacon of excellence. Founded in…

La Gitana Manzanilla sherry

Time to Test Your Sherry Knowledge with this Quiz

 mywinepal  December 23, 2023

Sherry, a fortified wine with a rich and storied history, traces its origins back to the sun-drenched vineyards of the Jerez region in southern Spain. Dating back to the 9th century, this distinctive wine has endured centuries of transformation and refinement. Sherry gained international acclaim in the 18th century when British merchants developed a taste for its unique flavours. After…

MyWinePal Top 4.5-5 Star Wines

MyWinePal’s Top 4.5 – 5 Star and 5 Star Wines for 2023

 mywinepal  December 14, 2023

This year I had many terrific wines to taste and review.  Wines that I rate as 5 star I deem as needing nothing to add or subtract.  They are perfect as-is.  I had one wine that reached that status this year so instead of making a separate article for that wine, I am including it in this article.  My 4.5-5…

Vina Real Crianza wine label

Test Your Knowledge of Spanish Wine Labels With this Quiz

 mywinepal  December 9, 2023

Understanding the terms on Spanish wine labels is crucial for any wine enthusiast looking to fully appreciate the rich diversity of Spanish wines. Spanish wine labels, much like their French counterparts, are laden with terms that convey essential information about the origin, quality, and characteristics of the wine. Mastery of these terms not only enhances one’s ability to make informed…

Red sangria (image by Ruth Archer from Pixabay)

Let’s Celebrate Summer with Sangria, Drink Recipes Included

 mywinepal  July 21, 2023

History of Sangria Sangria traces its roots back to Spain where it has become an iconic part of Spanish culture. The word “sangria” is derived from the Spanish word “sangre,” meaning blood, which refers to the drink’s deep red colour. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times when the Romans would mix wine with water, fruits, and spices…

Jose Luis Muguiro Jr

Jose Luis Muguiro Jr from Marques de Riscal at VanWineFest 2023

 mywinepal  June 25, 2023

My only video interview of a winery not in South America at VanWineFest 2023 comes from José Luis Muguiro Jr from Marqués de Riscal in Spain.  Earlier in the VanWineFest week I had a winery dinner with him at Homer St Cafe and it was one of the best and most memorable dinners I have ever had at VanWineFest. Marqués…

CVNE Cune Reserva 2017 and CVNE Cune Gran Reserva 2015

Two CVNE Cune Rioja Wines With a Light Touch

 mywinepal  May 17, 2023

When you think of Spain and Rioja you probably think of a hot climate and big red wines.  Today I opened two wines from CVNE, their Cune Reserva 2017 and Cune Gran Reserva 2015, and they both have a light touch upon first opening.  There was some change with time exposed to air, but what was even a bigger factor…