There are currently three wine reviewers on

  1. Karl Kliparchuk
  2. Yvonne Lorkin
  3. Anita Dorion

Karl Kliparchuk, the originator of, covers wines from around the world, but has a significant number of reviews for BC as this is his home base.

Yvonne Lorkin is from New Zealand and provides us with reviews about her area. She is the co-founder and CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) of WineFriend, the best personalised wine delivery service in New Zealand. Yvonne’s Twitter and Instagram handle is @yvonnemax.

Anita Dorion is originally from BC but has moved to Ontario.  She is covering the Ontario wineries for She is known as @vinetranslator on Instagram.

I hope to add more wine reviewers from around the world to covering wines from where they live, so that they can give us a perspective that we would not normally get from tasting the wines ourselves at home.