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MyWinePal Top 5 Star Wines

MyWinePal Top 5 Star Rated White, Sparkling, and Fortified Wines for 2017

 mywinepal  December 25, 2017

This past year I tasted a tremendous number of wines from around the world, but some wines really resonated with me.  It may have been the great balance of fruit, sugar, acidity for a white wine, or the fruit, tannins and minerality in a red wine, or something else. Something that made the wine stand above the other wines.  Could…


A Few BC Wine Suggestions for the Holidays

 mywinepal  December 19, 2017

Whatever you are celebrating this December, it’s probably with family and/or friends for a meal at some point.  Food loves wine, so here are a few of my recommended wines that should go with many dishes, or to enjoy on their own before or after your meal.  Enjoy these BC wines! My Holiday BC Wine Suggestions Backyard Vineyards Blanc de…

Who are our New 2011 BC Wineries?

 mywinepal  April 17, 2012

Last year, 2011, was a banner year for newly licensed wineries in BC.  21 wineries were licensed.  Who are they and where are they?  Most of the ones listed below I have not heard of, except for Okanagan Crush Pad Winery, Serendipity Estate Winery and 40 Knots Estate Winery.  Here is a review I did of Okanagan Crush Pad in…