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Karl MyWinePal at the Gala
Karl MyWinePal at the Shine a Light Kidney Gala (Photo Courtesy Tracy Riddell Photography)

Whether you are a person interested in a wine recommendation or a business looking for some help to make your business or winery association even more successful, you can contact MyWinePal by emailing or fill out the form below.

My readership and social media stats, are available via the MyWinePal media kit link on the left side of this page.

I love talking and writing about wine, food, and travel.  If your company is considering new opportunities to advertise your products or services, please consider me for:

1. Wine Tasting Reviews

MyWinePal posts wine reviews here in the MyWinePal website and via Twitter (X) / Instagram / Facebook / Threads / Mastadon. Wine reviews are a free service I offer to wineries and agents.

If you would like to increase the exposure of your wines or your latest vintage to the wine enjoying public, please contact Karl on my contact page below.

Please provide the following information in the form:

  • your contact details and winery address
  • the names of the wines you would like me to review
  • any information that you have on that particular vintage
  • the price of your wines, and if you are selling through local wine shops, government stores, and/or through your winery

MyWinePal will respond with the address to courier your wines to and will advise you when the reviews are complete. The reviews will be tweeted, shown on Instagram, put on the MyWinePal website, and Facebook. Let MyWinePal promote your wines. There is NO charge for this service. Email

2. Advertising on MyWinePal

The right and left-hand sidebars on MyWinePal is available for monthly and yearly advertising of your brand, whether it is food, wine, or travel-related.  Please email me for advertising rates and options on the sidebar. Email

3. Writing Wine, Food, and Travel Articles – Sponsored Posts

Karl MyWinePal at Viu Manent winery
Karl MyWinePal at Viu Manent winery in Chile.

I love to write, especially about wine, food, and travel.  I can contribute content to your magazine, newspaper, and/or website.  I travel extensively around the world, as well as am very familiar with my own backyard, beautiful British Columbia.  Let me share my travel enthusiasm with your readers.

I am always on the look for FAM trips to wine regions around the world.  The more I know about a region, the better I can write about the wines from the region.

Your readers may be interested in wine, and would appreciate information about a wine region (e.g. Paso Robles, Loire Valley), a type of grape (e.g. Malbec, Pinot Noir), a wine style (e.g. sparkling, fortified, still), or all combined, plus a few wines they may want to buy.

Give me a try.  Let me get your readers as excited about wine as I am.  Email

Wine Region Familiarization Trips

I am always looking for FAM trips to wine regions around the world so that I can better understand their wines and how they pair food with their wines.  If you work for a Tourism Bureau or Winery Association, please contact me below to arrange a trip.  I would cover you through all my social media channels, plus write one or more articles and video interviews as part of the FAM trip.

Contact MyWinePal

If there is some collaboration you are interested in with MyWinePal but it is not listed above, please fill out the info form below and provide details of your interest.  Thank you.

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