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Haywire Pink Bub 2021 with strawberries

Haywire Winery Pink Bub 2021 and Strawberries?

 mywinepal  June 10, 2023

A glass of sparkling rosé wine and strawberries seems like a wonderful romantic pairing, doesn’t it?  I  received a bottle of BC Haywire Winery Pink Bub 2021 and recently purchased farm field-ripened strawberries and thought I would try this pairing.  I can say they are definitely delicious together.  Let me tell you about the wine and the pairing. My Wine…

Top Drop Vancouver

My Top Drop Picks From Top Drop Canada 2023

 mywinepal  May 29, 2023

I enjoy attending the Top Drop Canada wine tasting each year.  It is probably my second favourite event after the Vancouver International Wine Festival.  If you have not heard of Top Drop before, the organizers describe it as “Top Drop’s focus and mandate is providing a platform for terroir-influenced, handcrafted wines, and the people behind them. We believe in the…

BC 2022 Vintage Preview mat with glasses

A Preview of BC’s Vintage 2022 With the Winemakers

 mywinepal  May 24, 2023  2 Comments on A Preview of BC’s Vintage 2022 With the Winemakers

In the late Fall, I interviewed a few BC winemakers about their 2022 harvest, but the wines were still fermenting in tanks, barrels or other vessels.  The winemakers sounded optimistic, thanks to the warm Fall weather.  But how would the wines taste?  This we explored with the following winemakers at the BC Vintage 2022 media preview: Laurent Fadanni, Whispering Horse…

Hester Creek Syrah 2020 and Character Red 2021

Two BC Hester Creek Red Wines for Winter or Spring Enjoyment

 mywinepal  May 11, 2023

While it is transitioning to spring in Vancouver, we can still enjoy big red wines with hearty meals as well as start the bbq and have red wines with our grilled meats as well. I have two red wines from Hester Creek Estate Winery that will fit the bill. I opened the Hester Creek Syrah 2020 and the Hester Creek…

Okanagan wine region quiz

Test Your Knowledge About BC’s Okanagan Wine Region

 mywinepal  May 7, 2023

You may have traveled to the Okanagan a few times and tasted wines from wineries from Kelowna down to Osoyoos, but what do you know about the Okanagan?  Here is a quick 5-question quiz for you, plus a pointer where to find more details about the Okanagan wine region.  

Data analysis

Grape Popularity Analysis From the 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards

 mywinepal  April 20, 2023

In my previous article, I posted The 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards results. But that is just a list.  I was curious to dig deeper into the awards and find out which grape varieties were the most popular.  Here is a data analysis of the results from the Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards combined. We are a cool…

British Columbia Lieutenant Governor coat of arms

The 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards

 mywinepal  April 19, 2023

It’s time for our BC wines to be recognized by our peers.  The results from the 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards have been announced. Here is the press release.  Pick up the bottles that won as soon as possible as they will sell out soon! ~~~ (KELOWNA, BC) – April 18, 2023: On April 3 through 5, 2023,…

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Take a Ride With Seaside Pearl Lover’s Lane Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

 mywinepal  April 10, 2023

Do you enjoy Cabernets? Do you prefer Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon?  I tried both today from Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery.  Their Cabernet Franc grapes come from the Similkameen Valley while the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes come from the Okanagan Valley.  You may notice that both labels mention “Lover’s Lane”.  What does that have to do with BC or the Fraser…

Haywire Gamay Rosé 2021 and Haywire Pinot Noir 2021

Vegan-Friendly Haywire Gamay Rose and Pinot Noir 2021

 mywinepal  March 7, 2023

Here are two newly released wines from Haywire Winery in the Okanagan.  These two wines are made with the red grapes, Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir, originally from Burgundy and Beaujolais respectively.  Lower tannin grapes and higher acidity typically with red fruit aromas and flavours.  Food-friendly wines.  Both are vegan-friendly wines. Let me tell you about them. My Wine Tasting Notes…

A variety of sake

Types of Sake and Pairing Food With Sake

 mywinepal  February 22, 2023  2 Comments on Types of Sake and Pairing Food With Sake

I am not an expert in sake, but I would like to know more about the different styles of sake, plus how to pair sake with food.  So, I’ve been doing research online and would like to start off by telling you about what I learned about the different types of sake and pairing food with sake. Sake Background Sake…