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Take the Sparkling Wine QuizQUIZ 

 mywinepal  September 9, 2023  0 Comments on Take the Sparkling Wine QuizQUIZ 

The history of sparkling wine is a tale that intertwines innovation, elegance, and celebration. Dating back to the late 16th century, a natural effervescence was often seen as an unpredictable and sometimes unwanted result of the winemaking process. It wasn’t until the legendary Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon refined the techniques of producing sparkling wine in the early 17th century that…

Grange of Prince Edward 2013 County Crémant

Grange of Prince Edward 2013 County Crémant

 Anita Dorion  July 14, 2021

Grange of Prince Edward 2013 County Crémant (ON $38) Today I wanted to highlight a beautiful sparkling wine from Prince Edward County, Ontario. Grange of Prince Edward’s 2013 County Crémant – becomes sometimes midweek just calls for bubbles.  Am I right? First off, this colour, it’s so aesthetically pleasing.  The grape varietals used in this crémant are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,…

BC Liquor Stores sparkling wine

BC Liquor Stores Sparkling Wine Suggestions

 mywinepal  December 27, 2019

Here are some BC Liquor Store suggestions for sparkling wines.  I particularly like the Taittinger Champagne, Bottega prosecco, and Fitzpatrick Family sparkling from BC. Check out these brilliant options to celebrate the end of the year!

Marcel Cabelier logo

Jurassian Wines to Enjoy with Marcel Cabelier at VanWineFest 2020

 mywinepal  December 24, 2019

Have you ever tried wines from Jura in France?  Vin Jaune is a very interesting wine made in this region.  Marcel Cabelier does produce Vin Jaune and other wines.  Read about this winery coming to visit us at the Vancouver International Wine Festival, in their own words. Introducing Marcel Cabelier Marcel Cabelier is part of Maison du Vigneron, which is…

Arthur Metz logo

Enjoy the Alsatian Wines from Arthur Metz at VanWineFest 2020

 mywinepal  December 20, 2019

Cremant and white wines from Alsace are always food-friendly.  Read about Arthur Metz Company and the wines they will present at VanWineFest 2020 in their own words. About Arthur Metz Company The Maison Arthur Metz is ideally located at the start of the picturesque wine circuit in Alsace, which is the central road through the Alsace vineyards. Arthur Metz is…

Jean-Claude Mas

Say Bonjour to Jean-Claude Mas and Château Paul Mas at VanWineFest 2020

 mywinepal  November 15, 2019

Welcome to Jean-Claude Mas and Château Paul Mas who will be at the VanWineFest 2020.  Read about their history and wines in their own words. About Jean-Claude Mas Jean-Claude Mas is a man who relishes a challenge. His story illustrates this perfectly: a 4th generation winegrower but a 1st generation winemaker, he built a business from 17 hectares of inherited vines…

Valentines Day and sparkling wine

6 Wines to Try For Valentine’s Day 2019

 mywinepal  February 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a special day to spend with your significant other.  A bottle of sparkling wine to sip together is a great way to cap, or start, the evening together.  Below are 6 different sparkling wines that I tried over the last 12 months, from BC and overseas, that I think are exceptional.  Enjoy these wines on their own,…

IVSA favourite wines January 2019

New Wines in BC to Enjoy for 2019

 mywinepal  February 1, 2019

My first Trade tasting for 2019 was this week, with agents showing the latest new wines they have brought to Vancouver or new vintages of wines that are currently in our market.  I was quite surprised by how many sparkling wines I had a chance to try.  I normally see a peak interest in sparkling wine leading up to the…