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Local Flights tasting

Getting Back to Our First BC Trade Wine Tasting Event During COVID – My Selections

 mywinepal  September 12, 2021

It was about 18 months ago since I, and other wine trade people, were able to get together and taste BC wines.  We all arrived wearing masks. Some of us with different haircuts, glasses, etc., so you may have to guess who some of the people are.  Luckily we were able to connect and share a few stories before we…

Top Drop Vancouver

Top Drop Vancouver 2017 – An Authentic Experience

 mywinepal  May 28, 2017

This is my second year attending Top Drop Vancouver, where small-scale producers from around the world show us their hand crafted wines. According to Top Drop, “Our focus is terroir-influenced, handcrafted wines, and the people behind them. W e believe in the importance in farming one’s own fruit and/or being constantly engaged with grape-growers to ensure sustainability and a high…

Summerhill Pyramid Winery Sparkling wine cork

A Tale of Two Summerhill Pinots

 mywinepal  July 14, 2014

When you drink Pinot Noir, is it always red?  Maybe you don’t realize it, but many sparkling wines are made with the Pinot Noir grape.  For example if you see the term “Blanc de Noirs” on a bottle of Champagne or other sparkling wine, the wine was made with red grapes.  Pinot Noir is a very common red grape for…

Champagne Thienot on ice

France is Sparkling at the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2014

 mywinepal  March 20, 2014  1 Comment on France is Sparkling at the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2014

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!  Happy and sparkling wine seem to go together quite often.  Who can argue with bubbles in a glass?  I was very excited to hear that the Regional Theme for this year at the Vancouver International Wine Festival was “bubbles”.  Of course Champagne first jumped to my mind, but also all the other variations…

Krug Grande Cuvee Brut Champagne

How is Champagne Made?

 mywinepal  February 16, 2014

You may be a Champagne lover like me, but have you ever considered how the bubble gets in the bottle?  Why some bubbles are small and creamy, while others are much larger and dissapate faster?  It all depends on how Champagne is made. First off, Champagne is a sparkling wine that is made in the Champagne region of France.  The…