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Gustoso, An Amarone Vertical from MASI Agricola S.p.A.

Masi Agricola Amarone Vertical tasting

What is Amarone wine? Amarone is a style of Valpolicella wine.¬† The Valpolicella region is located north of Verona, bordering Lake Garda to the west and by the Lessini Mountains to the east and north. There are 4 styles of…

MASI Costasera Contemporary Art Features Indigenous BC Artist Susan A. Point

Costasera Contemporary Art MASI Costasera overlay for 2000 label

MASI Costasera Contemporary Art and Indigenous Artist Susan A. Point As MASI notes ” The term ‚Äúculture‚ÄĚ has its origins in the verb ‚Äúto cultivate‚ÄĚ: cultivation of the land is the expression of thousands of years of a people‚Äôs knowledge,…

Meet Masi Agricola at the Vancouver International Wine Fest 2016

Masi Campofiorin 2012

The history of Masi is the history of a family and its vineyards in Verona, part of the Veneto. The name itself derives from the Vaio dei Masi, the small valley purchased at the end of the XVIII century by…