Story Maps

Every wine tells a story, but also every map tells a story.  So what does a map about wine say?  A lot.

Fraser Valley

My first Story Map is about Fraser Valley BC wineries.  Find out a bit about them, view some photos, and even watch a youtube video (see Singletree Winery).  The story map covers wineries producing both grape and other fruit wines.  You can also find a meadery in the Fraser Valley story map. Try out this story map and watch for other story maps for wineries across BC, Canada, and other countries as well.

MyWinePal’s Fraser Valley Wineries Story Map

MyWinePals Fraser Valley Winery Story Map
MyWinePal’s Fraser Valley Winery Story Map

Kamloops Wineries

Have you ever been to Kamloops’ wineries? If you haven’t, try viewing this Story Map I created about my trip in August 2019.