MASI Costasera Contemporary Art Features Indigenous BC Artist Susan A. Point

MASI Costasera Contemporary Art and Indigenous Artist Susan A. Point

MASI Agricola labelAs MASI notes ” The term “culture” has its origins in the verb “to cultivate”: cultivation of the land is the expression of thousands of years of a people’s knowledge, a knowledge passed on from generation to generation and evolving continuously. So it’s no surprise that two expressions of culture such as art and the making of excellent wines can meet together. Pairing Costasera with art is a natural choice: the celebrated wine made from dried grapes, dating from ancient Roman times, now in the heavenly, modern-tasting form that goes by the name of Amarone, now meets art in the name of a joint calling. This is the conviction behind the “Costasera Contemporary
Art” project.

Every second-year MASI selects a world-famous artist from a country connected to MASI and its wines to produce a work of art which would be shown on the label of their Costasera Amarone label. This is the third time that MASI has selected an artist.  The first artist to produce a work of art for the Costasera Amarone label was Swedish artist, Ernst Billgren for the 1998 vintage.  The second edition of the label was created by Swiss artist Maya von Moos on the 1999 vintage. The 2000 vintage label features original art by Coast Salish artist Susan A. Point.

Raffaele Boscaini, seventh generation and Marketing Director at MASI, unveiled the new label design in Vancouver on April 30, 2018.

Coast Salish Artist Susan A. Point

Susan A. Point at her artwork with a bottle of MASI Costasera Amarone
Susan A. Point at her artwork with a bottle of MASI Costasera Amarone

From MASI, they note that “Susan Point is a descendant of the Musqueam, a Coast Salish people in Canada; she is the daughter of Edna Grant-Point and Anthony Point.  Susan has inherited the beliefs of her culture and ancestral traditions from her mother Edna, who received them from her own mother, Mary Charlie-Grant.  Susan’s distinctive style inspired the Coast Salish Art movement. Her creativity, which draws inspiration from the stories of her ancestors and shapes the use of non-traditional techniques and materials, has inspired an entire generation of artists.  Susan is an Officer of the Order of Canada and received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contribution to Canada.  She has received many accolades and been named one of the 100 most influential women in British Columbia, as well as being declared one of Vancouver’s Influential Women in 2012.”

Here are a few examples of public art installations from Susan A. Point.

There is more to having Susan have her art placed on the MASI Costasera Amarone.  She will select a young art student who will be provided with a scholarship from MASI to travel to Italy to learn the art of glass at the renowned Berengo studio on the Venetian Island of Murano. Proceeds from the sale of Costasera Amarone 2000 bottles will fund the scholarship.

The Label – Traditional Legacy

Susan’s artwork, Traditional Legacy, shows the Coast Salish people’s connection to traditional themes, “such as the Fraser River and the Salish Sea inhabited by salmons, octopuses, orcas and the incorporation of a kingfisher, which the artist represents in a proliferation of signs between abstract and figurative. The recurring motif of the circle, symbol of life, evokes the sun, the moon and salmon eggs as well as grapes, in a conceptual link leading the artist in her life’s journey also to Valpolicella and to discover the products of its land.”

Costasera Contemporary Art artwork for 2000 label
Costasera Contemporary Art artwork for 2000 label

You can see the kingfisher on the left centre of the artwork, with an orca and a salmon below and to the right of the kingfisher.

The overlay of the MASI Costasera artwork can be lifted off and put back on top of Susan’s work.  It is quite a unique label.

Costasera Contemporary Art MASI Costasera overlay for 2000 label
Costasera Contemporary Art MASI Costasera overlay for 2000 label

Where Can I Purchase a bottle of MASI Contemporary Art 2000 Amarone?

The Masi Contemporary Art 2000 Amarone is now available for sale in select BC Liquor Stores. It retails at $189.99 per bottle and you can stay up-to-date on where to get them here:

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