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Yalumba GEN Viognier 2022 and GEN Shiraz 2022

Yalumba’s GEN Organic Shiraz and Viognier 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  November 3, 2023

I have been watching and tasting Yalumba‘s organic tier of wines for a few years.  This year, I noticed “GEN” on the label. From the 2022 vintage, all Yalumba GEN wines will be Sustainable Winegrowing Australia (SWA) certified. Yalumba GEN is 100% certified organic (by Australian Certified Organic) meaning they use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides in their vineyard…

Château Pichon-Longueville-Baron in Pauillac By Kassander der Minoer, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=1599307

Iconic Wine Regions and Grape Varieties Quiz

 mywinepal  October 7, 2023

Some regions of the world are iconic for specific varieties of grapes, like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier in Champagne.  While we may think about Old World, European countries, having iconic wines made with specific grape varieties, New World regions, such as California and Australia, also can be iconic, with California’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Australia’s Shiraz wines.  Take this…

Yalumba wine labels

How Well Do You Know Australian Wine? Quiz Time.

 mywinepal  July 29, 2023

Australian wines have soared in popularity over the years, captivating the palates of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for their exceptional quality, distinct flavours, and diverse varieties, Australian wines have carved a formidable place in the global wine market. From a rich and robust Shiraz to an elegant and refreshing Chardonnay, the country’s vineyards boast a wide spectrum of exceptional offerings….

Michael David Winery wines

A Video Interview with Michael David Winery at VanWineFest 2022

 mywinepal  June 2, 2022  2 Comments on A Video Interview with Michael David Winery at VanWineFest 2022

Do you like solving puzzles and deciphering secret codes?  If so, you should check out the labels from Michael David Winery, coming from Lodi, California.  Their labels have always been quirky and easy to spot on the BC Liquor Store shelves.  Plus you get big, juicy red wines.  Great for BBQ season.  I was fortunate to have a chance to…

Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2020 and Organic Shiraz 2019

2 Vegan-Friendly, Wild Ferment Wines from Yalumba in Australia

 mywinepal  March 25, 2022

Do you look for vegan wines? They are becoming more common. I have two vegan-friendly wines for you from Yalumba in Australia. I tasted their Yalumba Organic Shiraz 2019 and Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2020. Both are single varietal wines, but sometimes you do see these grapes co-fermented. The Shiraz, besides being vegan-friendly, is also organic. A year ago…

Australia’s Rathbone Wine Group at Cornucopia 2021

Cornucopia 2021 Drink Seminar: Riding the Cool-Climate Wave: Australia’s Rathbone Wine Group

 mywinepal  November 9, 2021

No cute animal wine labels on these wines from Australia.  I attended the Cool-Climate Wave at Cornucopia featuring the wines of Yering Station and Xanadu by the Rathbone Wine Group. Rathbone’s Douglas Elliott leads this guided tasting of select wines from the family-owned wineries. There were five Chardonnay, two Cabernet Sauvignon, one Shiraz, and one Pinot Noir for us to…

Oxford Landing Pinot Grigio 2020 and Syrah 2018

Say G’Day to A Pinot Grigio and Shiraz from Australia’s Oxford Landing

 mywinepal  August 11, 2021

Oxford Landing is a winery located along the Murray River in South Australia’s Riverland. It has a long history, started in 1958 by Wyndham Hill-Smith (a past winemaker at Yalumba) where he was the first to plant Cabernet Sauvignon in the Riverland, an area with a Mediterranean climate, plenty of sunshine, fertile red soil, and the longest single river in…

BC Liquor Stores The 100 Collection

BC Liquor Stores Celebrate 100 Years Anniversary

 mywinepal  March 20, 2021

To celebrate BC Liquor Stores’ 100th year anniversary, a collection of rare, premium, collectible wines and spirits will be released on March 13, 2021, at participating Stores.  The collection features many top-rated wines, along with a selection of classics from the finest wine regions of the world. For spirits, BC Liquor Stores will feature whiskies from the most iconic distilleries in…

Yalumba and Pewsey Vale wines from Australia

An Australian Tribute to the Vancouver International Wine Festival

 mywinepal  February 25, 2021

The theme region for the Vancouver International Wine Festival was the South American wine making countries, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brasil. I’ve covered two wines from Chile in my earlier article, and I do have a few wines from Argentina coming up to taste and write about, as part of my tribute to the Festival. But today I am going…

Evolve Cellars Pinot Gris 2018 and Shiraz 2016 with cheese pairings

Pairing Evolve Cellars Wines with Cheese – Round Two

 mywinepal  November 13, 2020  1 Comment on Pairing Evolve Cellars Wines with Cheese – Round Two

Welcome to Round 2 of my Evolve Cellars and Cheese Pairing experience. In the first round I compared Evolve Cellars’ Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc 2018 paired with aged cheddar and brie cheese. You can see the results here. This time I’m comparing Evolve Cellars Pinot Gris 2018 with Evolve Cellars Shiraz 2016. I’ve added a cheese to the comparison, so…