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A Vig wine label

Artists Exhibit on Roche Wines’ Wine Labels

 mywinepal  March 4, 2022

How much faith do you have in the product you create, whether it is a book you write or a wine you produce?  Roche Wines has great faith in their wines and it shows.  They asked sixteen Canadian artists to taste their wines “blind”, not knowing anything about the wine, other than it is red or white.  And then asking…

Costasera Contemporary Art MASI Costasera overlay for 2000 label

MASI Costasera Contemporary Art Features Indigenous BC Artist Susan A. Point

 mywinepal  May 8, 2018

MASI Costasera Contemporary Art and Indigenous Artist Susan A. Point As MASI notes ” The term “culture” has its origins in the verb “to cultivate”: cultivation of the land is the expression of thousands of years of a people’s knowledge, a knowledge passed on from generation to generation and evolving continuously. So it’s no surprise that two expressions of culture such…