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Haywire Winery King Family Vineyard Pinot Gris 2022 and Okanagan Valley Chardonnay 2022

Quick Review: BC’s Haywire Winery Organic Pinot Gris and Chardonnay 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  June 5, 2024  0 Comments on Quick Review: BC’s Haywire Winery Organic Pinot Gris and Chardonnay 2022PR SAMPLE 

If you are searching for a BC wine that is vegan-friendly, made using organically-grown grapes, and fermented with indigenous yeasts in neutral vessels like stainless steel, amphora, and concrete, then you should try Okanagan’s Haywire Winery‘s wines.  I have two white wines to tell you about today from Haywire.  Their Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, are both 2022 vintage, made by…

Church & State Wines Blanc de Gris Brut 2019

Quick Review: Church & State Wines Blanc de Gris Brut 2019PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  January 10, 2024

January 7, 2024, was Ukrainian Christmas Day.  I know that Volodymyr Zelensky passed a law to make December 25 the new Christmas Day in Ukraine, but many people still like to also celebrate on January 7.  Double the celebration.  So, I opened a bottle of BC’s Church & State Wines sparkling Blanc de Gris Brut 2019 and shared it with…

Cans of California Ripe Olives

California Ripe Olives Deliver

 mywinepal  November 22, 2023

When I think of olives, I think about olives coming from Europe.  They are typically brined and salty.  But there is an alternative; California Ripe Olives.  I was invited to a lunch with calolive.org to learn about how olives are grown and processed in California. Our host was Emily Lycopolus, a level-two olive oil sommelier and author of eight cookbooks. …

Swirl Around BC wine seminar

Swirl Around BC 2023: Discussing the Future of the BC Wine Industry

 mywinepal  November 15, 2023

I was invited to attend the Swirl Around BC 2023 seminar recently to hear from BC winemakers about the challenges and opportunities in the BC wine industry.  Our Moderator for this seminar was DJ Kearney, and our Panelists were: Alistair Veen, JoieFarm, Bailey Williamson, Blue Grouse Estate Winery; Charlie Baessler, Corcelettes Estate Winery; David Paterson, Tantalus Vineyards; Ross Wise, Black…

Township 7 Provenance Series Pinot Gris and 7 Blanc 2022

Quick Review: Township 7 Provenance Series Pinot Gris and 7 Blanc 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  October 24, 2023

Here are my last two white aromatic BC wines for a while.  The clouds and rain have convinced me that the upcoming wines that I will taste should be red.  The two white wines I have for you are the Township 7 Provenance Series 7 Blanc 2022 and Provenance Series Pinot Gris 2022.  Both wines have grapes coming from the…

Thanksgiving dinner

Some Canadian Wines to Enjoy With Your Thanksgiving Dinner

 mywinepal  October 6, 2023

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  I looked back at the past few months this year to see what current BC and Ontario wines might be a good match for a roast turkey or ham dinner.  Below are wines from both provinces that I think would be good pairings. BC Wines High Note Estate Winery Soubrette Pinot Grigio 2022 – this…

Big Head Wines big Nebuchadnezzar bottles

Be Amazed by Ontario’s Big Head WinesPR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  September 29, 2023

I knew nothing about Ontario’s Big Head Wines until it was suggested to me to visit by Talia Mendelsohn from the Bacchus Group Inc. in Toronto, but this winery in particular truly impressed me with their wines and their winemaking methods.  If you ever get a chance to visit the Niagara region, do not miss visiting Big Head Wines. The…

Township 7 Provenance Series Rosé 2022 and Provenance Series Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Keep Summer in Mind with Township 7 Provenance Series Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  September 6, 2023

Yes, it is still summer, even though the calendar says September.  We can keep a summer mindset by drinking fresh crisp wines, like these two BC wines from Township 7 Vineyards & Winery.  I received their Township 7 Provenance Series Sauvignon Blanc 2022 and their Provenance Series Rosé 2022 to taste and review for you. Both wines are under screwcap…

High Note Estate Winery Soubrette Pinot Grigio and Continuo Rosado 2022

Starting on a High Note With First Vintage Rosado and Pinot Gris 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  August 25, 2023

August 10, 2023, was the Grand Opening of the High Note Estate Winery, a new Mediterranean-inspired property located on the Naramata Bench. The winery is surrounded by a small three-acre picturesque vineyard, planted predominantly to Pinot Grigio. The winery will present a taste of the Mediterranean through wines influenced by the vibrant seaside villages of Italy. The wines are made…

Solvero Wines Pinot Gris 2022 and Rosé 2022

BC’s Solvero Wines First Vintage Release – Pinot Gris and Rosé 2022PR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  August 17, 2023

Solvero Wines in Summerland is one of our new BC wineries.  They grow their grapes in their Garent Valley and Happy Valley vineyards to the north and south of town.  Their commitment is to minimal intervention and transparency in all aspects of wine production. Andrea and Bob Sartor are the proprietors of the winery with their son, Matt Sartor, who…