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More Quality Wines from VanWineFest 2023

 mywinepal  May 4, 2023

In my previous article, I talked about the top wines that I tasted at the International Festival Tasting Room during VanWineFest 2023.  Those were wines that are in my 4.5 – 5 star range. But as I checked my notes, I saw that I had many enjoyable wines in the 4 – 4.5 star range.  Below are my tasting notes…

VanWineFest 2023 International Festival Tasting Room

My VanWineFest 2023 Top Wine Selections

 mywinepal  May 3, 2023

One of the highlights of the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2023 was the International Festival Tasting Room where 147 wineries from around the world were pouring their wines for you to try.  Plus, there was a winery principal for you to talk to about their wines.  This year the theme region for the Festival was South America, so we had…

VanWineFest 2023 featured wines

VanWineFest 2023 – An International Wine Preview

 mywinepal  March 20, 2023

The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2023 is almost a month away.  Media were invited to a preview of some of the wines that will be available at the Festival.  Here are a few wines that I quite enjoyed and you may want to try.  The Theme Region this year is South America, so you will be able to try wines…