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British Columbia Lieutenant Governor coat of arms

The 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards

 mywinepal  April 19, 2023

It’s time for our BC wines to be recognized by our peers.  The results from the 2023 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards have been announced. Here is the press release.  Pick up the bottles that won as soon as possible as they will sell out soon! ~~~ (KELOWNA, BC) – April 18, 2023: On April 3 through 5, 2023,…

Chaberton Estate Winery Reserve Cabernet Franc 2018

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Chaberton Estate Winery Reserve Cabernet Franc 2018

 mywinepal  October 31, 2022

I make a grilled rack of lamb once a year and usually enjoy a Pinot Noir or juicy Merlot with it. But today as the lamb was grilling I decided to try a bottle of Chaberton Estate Winery Reserve Cabernet Franc 2018. The grapes come from the Okanagan Valley with the wine spending 26 months in new and neutral oak…

Chaberton Estate Winery Syrah 2018 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Two Big Bold Red Wines for Your Winter Chill from Chaberton Estate Winery

 mywinepal  October 20, 2022

As UB40’s lyrics go, “Red, red wineGoes to my head…” I opened two bottles of big bold red wines today from Chaberton Estate Winery.  A Syrah and a Cabernet Sauvignon from grapes in the Okanagan Valley.  They certainly made me happy.  These wines are vegan-friendly. They both come in at 14.7% alcohol, but don’t taste hot.  The alcohol is well-integrated…

Traditional Thanksgiving

A Few Wine Suggestions for Canadian Thanksgiving 2022

 mywinepal  October 5, 2022

Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday, October 10, 2022.  You may be making a list of ingredients to buy for your Thanksgiving dinner.  A traditional / historical dinner with turkey or ham, brussel sprouts, yam, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Or you may go other ways with roast beef, salmon, Beyond Meat, or other meat substitutes.  I like to think of…

Chaberton Estate Winery Merlot 2017 and Meritage 2017

Two Big Reds from BC’s Chaberton Estate Winery

 mywinepal  September 5, 2022

Chaberton Estate Winery, one of our long-time established wineries, is located in the Fraser Valley. That does limit the grape varieties they can grow there, but they also have access to grapes in the Okanagan so that they can produce big red wines which we love. I have two wines, the Chaberton Estate Winery Merlot 2017 and their Chaberton Estate…

Chaberton Estate Winery

A Visit to Chaberton Estate Winery in the Fraser Valley

 mywinepal  August 19, 2022

With the hot summer weather, it was time for me to get out and enjoy it with a day trip to Chaberton Estate Winery in Langley where I met with GM Brian Ensor.  He gave me a guided tour, first bringing me out to the vineyards where the first vines I saw were their 40-year-old Bacchus grapes.  It is hard…

BC Hospitality Foundation logo

How You Can Enjoy Wine, Beer, or Spirits and Support the BC Hospitality Foundation

 mywinepal  May 8, 2020

As you may know hospitality workers in BC have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  They can fortunately get CERB money from the Federal government.  But there are also hospitality workers that suffer from severe illness and need more support.  This is where the BC Hospitality Foundation comes in.  Donations to the BCHF go towards hospitality workers facing financial…