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Ezra Cipes (Image courtesy Summerhill Pyramid Winery)

My Interview With Ezra Cipes at Summerhill – Being Biodynamic and More

 mywinepal  April 5, 2021

This is my third interview with Ezra Cipes, CEO of Summerhill Pyramid Winery.  His family has a long history in the BC wine industry and has been leading in organic, and now biodynamic agriculture, in my opinion.  Ezra is also a director of the Canadian Vintners Association and Vice-Chair of the British Columbia Wine Institute.  I arranged this interview as…

New Years Eve and sparkling wine

A Few Sparkling Wine Recommendations for New Years Eve

 mywinepal  December 28, 2020

As 2020 has been a disaster, we really should be toasting with a bottle of sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2021.  Well, 2021 was not much better.  Still had to keep to your bubble.  I only attended 2 Trade tastings and no sparkling wines were on the list.  Here are a few sparkling wines that I tried…

Organic Okanagan

VanWineFest 2017 – The 2020 Vision & Declaration for an Organic Okanagan Valley in BC

 mywinepal  March 23, 2017

We all can agree that BC’s Okanagan Valley is a special place.  Some of the things noted by winebc.org about the Okanagan Valley is “The Okanagan Valley lies in a rain shadow, between the Coastal and Monashee mountain ranges. This results in very low annual average rainfall. The area between Oliver and the US border is the northernmost tip of…

A trio of Harpers Trail Rieslings

My BC Riesling Review Update

 mywinepal  September 2, 2015  1 Comment on My BC Riesling Review Update

With summer holidays and then the extended power outage due to the wind storm this past weekend, I have finally finished tasting through all the 2013-14 vintages of BC Riesling that I received from BC wineries.  Thank you all.  My next step is to enter all my tasting notes into a database.  The database will be broken down by primary…

47 Exceptional Quality Wines for 2014 on MyWinePal

 mywinepal  December 21, 2014

Trying to think of an exceptional quality wine to buy for someone in your family or a special friend?  I have a few suggestions from the wines that I tasted over this past year.  These wines cover all regions of the world, and have different price points.  There should be something for everyone to love.  16 white and sparkling wines,…

Traditional Thanksgiving

Some Last Minute BC Wines for Thanksgiving

 mywinepal  October 10, 2014

I first posted this article 2 years ago, and the styles of wines that I described then, still hold for your turkey or ham Thanksgiving dinner this year.  The wine vintages from the wineries below will have changed, but these are all quality wines from quality wineries here in BC, and you should feel comfortable purchasing them at your local…

Summerhill Pyramid Winery Sparkling wine cork

A Tale of Two Summerhill Pinots

 mywinepal  July 14, 2014

When you drink Pinot Noir, is it always red?  Maybe you don’t realize it, but many sparkling wines are made with the Pinot Noir grape.  For example if you see the term “Blanc de Noirs” on a bottle of Champagne or other sparkling wine, the wine was made with red grapes.  Pinot Noir is a very common red grape for…

Summerhill Winery logo

Summerhill and Their Latest Aromatic Whites to Enjoy

 mywinepal  July 6, 2014  1 Comment on Summerhill and Their Latest Aromatic Whites to Enjoy

While it is not quite as hot and sunny as in Greece at this time of the year, it is warm enough for me, to look forward to enjoying some chilled aromatic white wines on the patio, along with a plate of oysters, chilled shrimp and cheese.  I received these three bottles of aromatic white wines from Summerhill Pyramid Winery…

Karl taking notes at the Magnum Party

My Top 5 Wine Posts for 2013

 mywinepal  January 3, 2014

2013 seems like a blur, with so many wine and food events to count.  In addition, we had an outstanding sunny summer here in Vancouver, which lead to enjoyment of more wine and bbq.  Between my main website, mywinepal.com, and my food & wine events site, mywinepal.wordpress.com, I wrote 188 posts.  That is 1 new post every other day, but…

My Top 10 Wine and Food Posts for 2012

 mywinepal  December 31, 2012

I use WordPress for MyWinePal.com and MyWinePal.wordpress.com.  Yes I have 2 blogs.  Sometimes I think it is double the effort, but other times I think that I like the separation of the two blogs.  In MyWinePal.com I post my longer articles and wine reviews, while MyWinePal.wordpress.com concentrates more on announcing food and wine events, as well as writing shorter articles…