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Brendan from Willow Wine Cellars

My Video Interview With Brendan from Willow Wine Cellars at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 19, 2024

I love to stumble across new wineries to me.  Willow Wine Cellars is a Garagista winery out of Underwood, WA.  Brendan and his wife, Tarnna, have been making wine out of their garage for 10 years.  He poured me a glass of their Albarino wine, noting that in Spain, Albarino is known as “The Wine of the Sea”.  It pairs…

Danny from Sagemoor

My Video Interview With Danny from Sagemoor Estates at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 17, 2024

I tasted two white Bordeaux blends at the Sagemoor Estates table during The Grand Tasting at Taste Washington.  This is a wine made with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes. Danny told me about the differences between the fermentation methods for these two wines and suggested what type of food to enjoy with each wine.  Both are tasty wines.  Pick up…

Julian from Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards

My Video Interview With Julian from Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 15, 2024

Have you heard of “orange” wine?  It is sometimes called “natural” wine and basically, it is a wine made from white grapes, like orange muscat or Pinot Gris, and is left with the skins intact, much like is done for red grapes, to get red wine.  But with white grapes, the skins can impart an orange colour, more texture and…

Blake from Revelry Vintners

My Video Interview With Blake from Revelry Vintners at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 10, 2024

Chardonnay is a popular white grape in Washington state, beside Riesling.  During The Grand Tasting, I spoke with Blake from Revelry Vintners about their Chardonnay at Taste Washington 2024.  Interesting soil and effects of soil on their Chardonnay.  Watch and find out about it.

Devyani from Valdemar Estates

My Video Interview With Devyani Isabel Gupta from Valdemar Estates at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 8, 2024

Valdemar Estates is a winery started in 2019 in Walla Walla by the Valedmar family who owns Bodegas Valdemar in Rioja, Spain. Bodegas Valdemar has been making wine since 1889.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Head Winemaker of Valdemar Estates, Devyani Isabel Gupta, about the winery and the wine she poured for me to try, their 2021 Columbia…

Noah from Tinte Cellars at Taste Washington 2024

My Video Interview with Noah from Tinte Cellars at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 4, 2024

I appreciated talking with Noah from Tinte Cellars during The Grand Tasting at Taste Washington 2024.  He talked about the Viognier he poured for me, but also told me about their winery and how they work with non-profits making donations totalling a substantial figure.  I applaud wineries, and any company, that helps support non-profits and exercise their Corporate Social Responsibility….

John from Sheridan Vineyard

My Video Interview with John from Sheridan Vineyard at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 3, 2024

I met Big John Caudill, Director of sales, wine professional and winery chef for Sheridan Vineyard at The Grand Tasting for Taste Washington 2024.  John told me about their red blend Mystique and their latest Cabernet Sauvignon release.  Watch below.

Mackenzie from Swiftwater Cellars

My Video Interview with Mackenzie from Swiftwater Cellars at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  March 30, 2024

I had a quick chat with Mackenize from Swiftwater Cellars at the Grand Tasting during Taste Washington 2024.  Listen as she tells us about the wines that the winery produces.

Karl MyWinePal at the VanWineFest 2024 kickoff

Tutto Finito. All My VanWineFest 2024 Articles For You

 mywinepal  March 30, 2024

The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2024 had lots of wonderful wines and events to attend.  I spent most of my time in the Festival Tasting Room sipping Italian wines and speaking with the Italian winery principals.  I did also attend some seminars and dinners.  Below is a list of all the articles that I wrote for VanWineFest 2024.  Have fun…

Lisa from Foundry Vineyards

My Video Interview With Lisa from Foundry Vineyards at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  March 27, 2024

Sparkling wine has been popular the past few years, in part due to people enjoying Prosecco.  But there is a more ancient sparkling wine making method known as Pétillant Naturel (pét-nat).  I spoke with Lisa from Foundry Vineyards in Walla Walla, WA, about their pétproject, which as you may guess is a type of sparkling wine.  I enjoyed a sip…