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Blake from Revelry Vintners

My Video Interview With Blake from Revelry Vintners at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  April 10, 2024  0 Comments on My Video Interview With Blake from Revelry Vintners at Taste Washington 2024

Chardonnay is a popular white grape in Washington state, beside Riesling.  During The Grand Tasting, I spoke with Blake from Revelry Vintners about their Chardonnay at Taste Washington 2024.  Interesting soil and effects of soil on their Chardonnay.  Watch and find out about it.

Lisa from Foundry Vineyards

My Video Interview With Lisa from Foundry Vineyards at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  March 27, 2024

Sparkling wine has been popular the past few years, in part due to people enjoying Prosecco.  But there is a more ancient sparkling wine making method known as Pétillant Naturel (pét-nat).  I spoke with Lisa from Foundry Vineyards in Walla Walla, WA, about their pétproject, which as you may guess is a type of sparkling wine.  I enjoyed a sip…

Katie from Figgins Winery

A Video Interview With Katie from Figgins Winery at Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  March 24, 2024

Have you attended Taste Washington before?  It is located in Seattle, WA and I’ve read that it is the largest single-region food and wine event in the USA.  The Grand Tasting is the festival’s flagship event with more than 250 wineries pouring their wines and the state’s best restaurants offering small bites.   My first interview at Taste Washington 2024 during…

2021 NORTHWEST WINE EXPEDITION - Washington wines in glasses

Washington Wineries Visit Vancouver

 mywinepal  October 2, 2021

Welcome to Part 2 of my article on the wines of Oregon and Washington that made a visit to Vancouver.  In Part 1, I covered the wines from three Oregonian wineries, which you can read here.  There are so many AVA areas in Washington from the coast to the interior.  I in particular really like the Walla Walla Valley, Red…

Flight of wines at The Global Cru seminar at VanWineFest 2020

THE GLOBAL CRU Seminar at VanWineFest 2020

 mywinepal  March 11, 2020

What is meant by a “Cru” in wine?  The term “Cru” is most often used for the French classification system, but the “Cru” concept can apply to any vineyard region recognized for their superior wine quality. My last seminar during the Vancouver International Wine Festival was on the topic of “cru”.  What it is and how it is expressed.  We…

MyWinePal Top 5 Star Wines

MyWinePal’s 5 Star Rated Wines for 2019

 mywinepal  December 17, 2019  1 Comment on MyWinePal’s 5 Star Rated Wines for 2019

I taste many wines at Trade tastings, plus public events like the Vancouver International Wine Festival or Taste Washington.  People who know me, know that I make detailed notes as I taste and can back up my wine ratings.  This year I went through all the wines I tasted in 2019 and have awarded my top 5-star rating to 10…

TasteWA 2019 winery principals interviewed

4 Winery Principals Speak About Their Wine at Taste Washington 2019

 mywinepal  April 13, 2019

Apart from tasting a lot of tasty wines at Taste Washington 2019 in Seattle, I also spent some time talking to the winery principals, many of them the winemakers and found out something about the wines that they were pouring at this event.  I interviewed 4 winery principals and created YouTube videos which are shown below for your education and…

Taste WA booklet and glass of wine

My Wine Gems from Taste Washington 2019

 mywinepal  April 6, 2019

What is the Taste Washington Grand Tasting compare to?  If you thought the Vancouver International Wine Festival Tasting Room, double the size, and add in 65 restaurants serving up freshly cooked dishes. I checked the Taste Washington website and it states that there are 235 wineries participating, but it felt like many more to me. Standing on the second level…

WBC18 Wine Bloggers Conference logo

Learning More about Washington State Wines at WBC18

 mywinepal  September 11, 2018

I recently posted an article about Washington and Oregon wines that will be at EAT! Vancouver in November, and provided you with some background information on the signature grapes and wines produced in these two states.  I have also attended Taste Washington a few times over the past years, and have visited Walla Walla.  I do have a fairly good…

Eat! Vancouver logo

What Do You Know about Washington and Oregon Wines? Check Out EAT! Vancouver

 mywinepal  September 10, 2018

We all love drinking our BC wines.  Although we do have a hotter climate in the South Okanagan, we still are overall a fairly cool climate region, doing well with aromatic white varieties, along with Pinot Noir and Gamay, as you move north or along the coast.  Our mountainous interior limits the extent of our vineyards but if you cross the…