My BC Riesling Review Update

A trio of Harpers Trail Rieslings
A trio of Harpers Trail Rieslings

With summer holidays and then the extended power outage due to the wind storm this past weekend, I have finally finished tasting through all the 2013-14 vintages of BC Riesling that I received from BC wineries.  Thank you all.  My next step is to enter all my tasting notes into a database.  The database will be broken down by primary and secondary aromas and flavours.  I tasted each wine twice, one day apart, so that I could get the initial taste straight from the bottle, as many people would do when they open their wine, plus next day to give each wine time to interact with oxygen and see how it changes.  Once in the database, I will tag each wine to a vineyard, as close as possible, and overlay the wine data on a soil/geology map of BC using a Geographic Information System to determine if there are certain aromas or flavours, that a specific to certain soils/geologic rock units in BC.  Let’s learn about our terroir.  And finally to post this information as an interactive story map on the web for you all to view and learn about BC Riesling!

Here is the list of all the wines I tasted, to tantalize you a bit:

  1. Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Riesling 2013
  2. Synchromesh Thorny Vines Vineyard, Naramata Bench, 2014
  3. Synchromesh Riesling, Naramata Bench, Okanagan Falls, 2014
  4. Synchrmesh Storm Haven Vineyard Riesling, Okanagan Falls 2014
  5. Sperling Vineyards Old Vines Riesling 2014
  6. CedarCreek Estate Winery Platinum Block 3 Rielsing 2014
  7. Tantalus Riesling 2014
  8. Tantalus Old Vines Riesling 2012
  9. Evolve Riesling 2014
  10. Mike B Riesling Cabinett 2014
  11. Fort Berens Estate Winery Riesling 2014
  12. Upper Bench Estate Winery Riesling 2013
  13. St. Hubertus Estate Winery Riesling 2013
  14. Summer Gate Riesling 2014
  15. Lang Vineyards Legacy Series Riesling 2014
  16. Lang Vineyards Farm Reserve Riesling 2014
  17. Jackson-Triggs Estate Reserve Riesling 2013
  18. Stags Hollow Riesling 2014
  19. Road 13, Peter’s Vineyard, Riesling 2013
  20. Sonoran Estate Winery Riesling 2012
  21. Moraine Riesling 2014
  22. Inniskillin Okanagan Estate Series Riesling 2013
  23. Dostana Riesling 2011
  24. Backyard Vineyard Riesling 2014
  25. Wild Goose Vineyards Stony Slope Riesling 2013
  26. Wild Goose Vineyards Riesling 2013
  27. Harper’s Trail Thadd Springs Vineyard Pioneer Block Dry Riesling 2013
  28. Harper’s Trail Thadd Springs Vineyard Silver Mane Block Riesling 2013
  29. SpierHead Riesling 2014
  30. Red Rooster Riesling 2013
  31. Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery Riesling 2013
  32. Gehringer Brothers Private Reserve Riesling 2013
  33. Gehringer Brothers Classic Riesling 2014
  34. Summerhill Organic Riesling 2013

Thank you to all these wineries for participating and hopefully helping us all learn a bit more about our BC wines and terroir a bit better.

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