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Set the table on Valentines Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 With BC Wine

 mywinepal  February 3, 2021

While we may want to go big on Valentine’s Day this year for our significant other, COVID still lurks and most of us are not yet vaccinated.  Maybe you would consider ordering dishes from your favourite restaurant and enjoying it at home with some tasty BC wines?   Various foods, for their texture, scent, colour, shape and/or taste has an effect…

New Years Eve and sparkling wine

A Few Sparkling Wine Recommendations for New Years Eve

 mywinepal  December 28, 2020

As 2020 has been a disaster, we really should be toasting with a bottle of sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2021.  Well, 2021 was not much better.  Still had to keep to your bubble.  I only attended 2 Trade tastings and no sparkling wines were on the list.  Here are a few sparkling wines that I tried…

Traditional Thanksgiving

A Few BC Wine Suggestions For COVID Thanksgiving

 mywinepal  October 6, 2020

Canadian Thanksgiving is going to be very different this year for many of us who are accustomed to getting together with our parents, brothers and sister, and maybe aunts and uncles for dinner.  It will be smaller, and may be just you, but you can still enjoy your turkey, ham, or vegan Thanksgiving meal with a glass or two of…

Harper's Trail Estate Winery Field Blend White 2019 and Monte Creek Ranch Cabernet Merlot 2017

Two Fresh BC Wines from Monte Creek Ranch and Harper’s Trail For the Summer

 mywinepal  August 16, 2020

It’s definitely summer time with all the sun and heat!  I’m not complaining, but thinking about which wines would be nice to drink on these hot days.  I have 2 BC wines for you; a white from Harper’s Trail Estate Winery, and a red from Monte Creek Ranch.  Both are soft and full of fresh fruit.  Ideal for summer.  Enjoy!…

Monte Creek Ranch Sparkling 2019 and Sparkling Rosé 2019

Try 2 Sparkling Wines from Monte Creek Ranch this Summer

 mywinepal  August 6, 2020

When we drink wine, we probably think of wines made from vitis vinifera grapes like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah.  But there are grapes that are a hybrid between vitis vinifera and another vitis species, such as labrusca or riparia. Why would you do this?  One reason is to make the vine more resistant to cold winters which…

Monte Creek Ranch Rosé 2019 and Hands Up Red 2017

Hands Up if You Like BC Rosé and Red Blends!

 mywinepal  July 31, 2020

Hands Up if you like BC Red blends and Rosé wines.  That is what I have for you from Monte Creek Ranch from Kamloops.  The Monte Creek Ranch Hands Up Red 2017 recently won a gold medal at the 2020 All Canadian Wine Championships.  And won 8 medals all together for their wines. Congratulations. My Tasting Notes Monte Creek Ranch…

Monte Creek Ranch Chardonnay and Riesling 2018

France and Germany Meet at Monte Creek Ranch

 mywinepal  July 23, 2020

Chardonnay and Riesling are noble variety grapes from France, most notably from Burgundy, and from Germany respectively.  There has always been a rivalry between people that like one or the other better.  Chardonnay comes in a variety of styles from oaked or unoaked and different array of fruit flavours from citrus to stone fruits to tropical fruits depends on how…

At the Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Can You Put Monte Creek Ranch Winery Together?

 mywinepal  May 18, 2020

Do you enjoy puzzles?  How about helping Monte Creek Ranch located in Kamloops, BC, put their winery back together?  Enjoy this interactive puzzle of the winery.  I took this picture last summer 2019. Here is my photo to help you along.

BC VQA wines 2015 vintage preview

Have a Virtual Wine Tasting During COVID-19

 mywinepal  March 21, 2020

With the COVID-19 spread and everyone hopefully staying at home to help minimize the spread, what can you do for fun?  There are only so many re-runs that you can watch on TV.  Why not try something fun with friends remotely, plus help BC wineries?  Have a virtual tasting.  If you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, it will have…

MyWinePal Top 4.5-5 Star Wines

MyWinePal’s Near Perfect 4.5-5 Star Rated Wines for 2019

 mywinepal  December 19, 2019  1 Comment on MyWinePal’s Near Perfect 4.5-5 Star Rated Wines for 2019

This year I had many wines that I tasted this year that almost made my 5-star category; 27 white wines and 45 red wines.  These wines I rated as 4.5-5 stars.  When I check over them again, I can remember how much I enjoyed these wines.  Having a 4.5-5 or a 5-star rating does not mean that you need to…