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Bodega Los Bermejos Malvasia Seco 2021, Listan Negro MC 2021, Listan Negro Tradicional 2021, and Malvasia Brut Nature 2019 wine bottles

Bodega Los Bermejos: Wines from the Canary Islands

 mywinepal  April 14, 2022

Today was an eye-opening experience for me tasting wines from the Canary Islands.  I had never heard of wines from these islands, but I learned in this trade seminar by speaker Iain Philip, and agent, World Wine Synergy, that grapevines have been grown in this area since the 1400’s with vines brought from mainland Spain. There are 7 main islands…

Emilia Romagna Native Grapes masterclass

Emilia-Romagna’s Native Grapes Masterclass at VanWineFest 2020

 mywinepal  March 7, 2020

What do you know about the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy?  Where is it located?  Are there any foods or wines that are special in this area?  This is what I came to learn about the Emilia-Romagna Native Grapes masterclass at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. I did see a list of the wines ahead of time and I did recognize…