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Martell Cognac and Chateau de Laubade Armagnac

What’s the Difference: Cognac and Armagnac

 mywinepal  February 19, 2023

Many of us have probably had a snifter of Hennessy, Martell, or Remy Martin cognacs, but what about having a snifter of Armagnac de Montal or Chateau de Laubade?  There are similarities and differences between these two distilled spirits.  Let me tell you about them. About Cognac and Armagnac Cognac and Armagnac are both French brandies, but they come from…

Cognac poured into a glass

A Little Cognac History and 10 Cognac Cocktails

 mywinepal  February 11, 2023

There are four major Cognac houses: Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier. You probably have tried a cognac from at least one of these producers.  My personal favourite is Martell.  But what is Cognac? Can you enjoy Cognac in a cocktail, maybe for Valentine’s Day before your meal? What is Cognac? Cognac is a type of brandy that is named…

Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden

Book Review: Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden by Katie Stryjewski

 mywinepal  March 16, 2021

Cocktail culture has been going on for quite a few years, and even with COVID, I am betting that many people are making cocktails at home now.  And looking forward to going out for cocktails with friends and family. When you make cocktails at home, do you consider your garden as part of a cocktail recipe?  It can be. In…

Vignobles & Signatures logo

The 2020 Vintage Expected Across France

 mywinepal  October 3, 2020

There is such a range of wines in France as you travel North to South and East to West, with so many different climates and soils.  The vintages can be different for major regions across France.  Luckily I was contacted by the Vignobles & Signatures Club whose members span France’s major appellations to tell me about the 2020 harvest, which…

Pairing Some Holiday Cheer with Pastries and Chocolates from Temper Chocolate & Pastry

Pairing Some Holiday Cheer with Pastries and Chocolates from Temper Chocolate & Pastry

 mywinepal  December 18, 2018

During the holidays many of us like to make, give and/or receive pastries and chocolates.  But what do we pair them with?  Tea or coffee?  Yes those are what most people do, but how about wine?  I took up that idea and visited Chef Hodge at Temper Chocolate & Pastry to get a sample of pastries and chocolates for me…

Select Wines Portfolio tasting sign

What to Select from Select Wines’ Portfolio?

 mywinepal  May 12, 2017

Sometimes the best wines around are the ones that are not generally listed in BC Liquor stores.  They are known as Spec or Special Order wines.  You can find these wines through some private wine shops, or you could order them through these shops, but you may need a minimum order size. I attended Select Wines‘ portfolio tasting and enjoyed…