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Singletree Winery Merryfield 2016 and Masottina Rosé Brut Prosecco sparkling wines

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Sparkling Wine

 mywinepal  February 7, 2023

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly.  Sparkling wine is always a nice treat on this special day.  I have two sparkling wines that I tasted that I think you would enjoy.  BC’s Singletree Winery offers their Traditional Method sparkling wine, Merryfield 2016.  Merryfield is made from 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir grapes.  The wine spends 24 months on its…

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A Few Canada Day Wine Suggestions

 mywinepal  July 1, 2022

The Canada Day long weekend celebration is on with picnics and bbqs and generally getting together with friends and family.  Enjoying this scene with BC wine would make it even better in my opinion.  Below is a list of BC wines I tasted recently that I think would be nice to have this long weekend.  Enjoy. A Few Suggested BC…

Singletree Winery Merlot 2018 and Harness 2017

A Merlot and a Bordeaux Blend from Singletree Winery

 mywinepal  May 30, 2022

These are the first wines that I’ve opened since the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2022. Sometimes you need a short break from tasting wine after you taste a lot of wine. The two wines I tasted are from Singletree Winery.  They started off in the Fraser Valley but have expanded out into the Naramata Bench.  The two wines I tasted…

Singletree Winery Siggy 2020 and Gruner Veltliner 2020

Two Aromatic White Wines from Singletree Winery

 mywinepal  April 6, 2022

It’s getting to be time to enjoy aromatic white wines. The cherry blossoms are out and the weather coming up looks to be sunny for several days. I have two white wines from Singletree Winery in the Abbotsford area. Their Singletree Winery Siggy 2020 and Singletree Winery Gruner Veltliner 2020. Let me tell you about them. My Wine Tasting Notes…

Singletree Winery Farmhand 2020

Quick Review: Singletree Winery Farmhand 2020

 mywinepal  October 11, 2021

Do you like flavourful white wines? Well this one, Singletree Farmhand 2020, has it in spades. I think it would be a fun wine to have with a cooked ham for Thanksgiving 2021 as well. It is a blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Viognier. I think the Viognier was really ripe at the time of harvest and really…

Singletree Rosé 2020, Cliff and Gorge Vineyards Pinot Auxerrois 2020, and Baillie-Grohnam Rosé 2020 wines

A Virtual Preview of the BC 2020 Vintage with 3 Winemakers

 mywinepal  May 19, 2021

In November 2020, I interviewed a few BC winemakers about their current harvest. From their discussions, I determined that overall the growing season was average, but there was a cooler rainy spring. August and September had good weather. Harvest started a little later than usual. Rain and the crazy snowfall in October influenced smaller yields, but there was still some…

Singletree Winery's Di Vine Dome small (Photo credit Megan Ashley Creative)

Exclusive New Wine Tasting Option at Singletree Winery

 mywinepal  January 16, 2021

COVID, COVID, COVID.  It is present across BC, but there are things that we can do to keep ourselves and our family safer, while still being able to enjoy our beautiful province.  One new thing that we can do is enjoy a wine tasting at Singletree Winery in Abbotsford, now that they are providing a clear geodesic dome for groups…

Singletree Winery

Singletree Winery Virtual Tasting May 22nd – Get Your Bottles!

 mywinepal  May 13, 2020

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a winemaker and have them tell you about the bottle of wine you are enjoying with them?  What was the harvest like?  Did they use indigenous/wild yeasts to ferment the wine?  What oak barrel treatment did they use, if any?  Where is their vineyard located and what makes it unique or special?…

Naramata Bench Wineries Association logo

Staying Home with Naramata Wines

 mywinepal  March 27, 2020

Are you getting low on your BC wine supply at home?  I think most BC wineries are offering online shopping and delivery of their wines to you.  I was reminded of this by the Naramata Bench Wineries Association.  There is everything you may want here; big bold reds, delicate Pinot Noir, aromatic whites, and cheese! Yes, one winery here also…

Singletree Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Quick Review: Singletree Sauvignon Blanc 2018

 mywinepal  February 22, 2020

Singletree Winery is one of our local Fraser Valley wineries that you may not have heard of, but have been around since 2010.  I’ve been writing about them for a few years now.  The winery and main vineyard are in the Abbotsford area, but in 2018 they also acquired vineyard land in the Naramata Bench which allows them to expand…