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Select Wines Portfolio tasting sign

What to Select from Select Wines’ Portfolio?

 mywinepal  May 12, 2017

Sometimes the best wines around are the ones that are not generally listed in BC Liquor stores.  They are known as Spec or Special Order wines.  You can find these wines through some private wine shops, or you could order them through these shops, but you may need a minimum order size. I attended Select Wines‘ portfolio tasting and enjoyed…

Wines for All Tastes at Taste Washington 2013

 mywinepal  April 2, 2013

Driving down to Seattle from Vancouver, BC for Taste Washington, I always think about the wineries I’ve tried last year; how will their wines taste this year, and what new surprises will I find.  There is always some wine that fits your palate, whether it is a light, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc, a round full bodied Chardonnay, a flowery Pinot Noir,…