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VanWineFest 2023 International Festival Tasting Room

My VanWineFest 2023 Top Wine Selections

 mywinepal  May 3, 2023

One of the highlights of the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2023 was the International Festival Tasting Room where 147 wineries from around the world were pouring their wines for you to try.  Plus, there was a winery principal for you to talk to about their wines.  This year the theme region for the Festival was South America, so we had…

Evolve Cellars Momento 2018 and Moon Curser Dead of Night 2020

Two Red Blend Wines from BC

 mywinepal  January 10, 2023

I don’t usually put wines from different wineries together in a post, but today I did. Why? I wanted to show you that BC makes blends, and not necessarily traditional blends, like from Bordeaux. In BC and the New World, we are not tied to the restrictions of our region. We can experiment with our wines and make blends that…

Pinot Noir Dijon clone 667

Ripe Wine Grapes in the Okanagan

 mywinepal  October 12, 2022

As I was out in the Okanagan in September visiting a few wineries, I took a few pictures of different grape varieties. We all know the names of different grapes, but what do they look like? Did you know that ripe Pinot Gris skins are not yellow? As they mature they turn a pinkish brown and then purple colour. Below…

Mele Sosa from Bodega Garzon

A Video Interview with Bodega Garzon from Uruguay at VanWineFest 2022

 mywinepal  June 6, 2022  1 Comment on A Video Interview with Bodega Garzon from Uruguay at VanWineFest 2022

My last video interview at the Vancouver International Wine Festival was with Mele Sosa from Bodega Garzón a winery in Uruguay.  This winery is well-known here for its Tannat and Albariño wines.  Mele has been coming to the VanWineFest for several years.  I have interviewed her in the past and am lucky to be able to interview her this year. …

The Global Cru flight of wines

VanWineFest 2022: The Global Cru Seminar

 mywinepal  May 27, 2022

While the term “Cru” is most often used for the French classification system, the “Cru” concept can apply to any vineyard or group of vineyards recognized for their superior quality. This seminar at the Vancouver International Wine Festival took us on a global journey to some of the wine world’s greatest vineyards to discover what makes their terroir and wines…

A selection of New World wines at VanWineFest 2022

VanWineFest 2022: My New World Wine Selections

 mywinepal  May 25, 2022

At the Vancouver International Wine Festival, I spent time at the International Festival Tasting room on Thursday and Friday to taste as many wines as possible.  I published my Old World wine selections a few days ago and now it is time to give you my New World wine selections.  New World wines are typically categorized as being from the…

VanWineFest 2022 logo

Do You Have Your Tickets for the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2022?

 mywinepal  May 6, 2022

The Vancouver International Wine Festival is almost here.  The last time we had the Festival was two years ago and closed during our COVID crisis, but now it is back and runs from May 16-22.  One of the big attractions for us all is the International Festival Tasting room where wineries from around the world will have tables set up…

Christian showing stainless steel tanks with glycol jackets

A Winery Walk & Talk with Christian Scagnetti at Moon Curser Vineyards

 mywinepal  October 22, 2021

Grape harvest time is special.  There is the beauty of the ripe grapes and the leaves of the vines starting to change colours and the sights, sounds and smells of the grapes as they are sorted, crushed, and pumped to vat or barrel.  And the anticipation of making great wine from the grapes that the winery spent countless months and…

Moon Curser Vineyards Malbec 2019 tasting

A Visit to Moon Curser Vineyards

 mywinepal  October 4, 2021

One of my goals for the Fall is to visit a winery and see part of their harvest operation, talk to the winemaker, and taste some of their wines.  I accomplished all three of these goals through a visit to Moon Curser Vineyards in Osoyoos, BC.  Today I will tell you about my wine tasting with Stephanie at the winery…

Moon Curser Vineyards Dead of the Night 2019 and Border Vines 2019

Moon Curser Vineyards Big Red Wines Recall Barry White

 mywinepal  September 18, 2021

If you like big, bold wines, then these two BC wines from Moon Curser Vineyards in Osoyoos fit the bill. If they were a singer, I’d suggest Barry White, with his big, deep, and silky voice. The two wines in question are the Moon Curser Vineyards Border Vines 2019, a Bordeaux blend, and the Dead of the Night 2019, a…