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Take This Quiz About the Varied Wines of the Loire Valley

 mywinepal  November 19, 2023  0 Comments on Take This Quiz About the Varied Wines of the Loire Valley

The history of Loire Valley wines is a rich and storied one, dating back to the 1st century when the Romans first cultivated vineyards in this picturesque region of France. Over the centuries, the Loire Valley has become renowned for its diverse and elegant wines. The region’s unique terroir, marked by a temperate climate, a variety of soil types, and…

Sauvignon blanc grapes

How Well Do You Know Sauvignon Blanc New World Wine Regions? Take the Quiz.

 mywinepal  August 26, 2023

The Sauvignon Blanc grape traces its lineage to the historic vineyards of France’s Loire Valley, where it gained early recognition for its distinct aromatic profile and vibrant acidity. It is also one of two grapes, along with Semillon, which makes white Bordeaux blends. However, it was the New World wine regions that truly propelled Sauvignon Blanc to worldwide fame, reimagining…

Tastin' France booklet with wineries listed

Tastin’ France Comes to Vancouver – My Selections

 mywinepal  July 19, 2023

This past week Business France, the national agency to develop the French economy through export growth, brought in several French wineries to Vancouver.  These wineries do not yet have representation in British Columbia.  You currently cannot purchase these wines.  This article is meant for wine agents in BC that are interested in adding more French wines to their portfolio.  Below…

Biodynamic wines from Domaine de l'R

Two Winemaker’s Dinners with Biodynamic Trailblazer Frédéric Sigonneau of Domaine de l’R

 mywinepal  November 10, 2022

Have you ever had a chance to taste a wine made from biodynamic methods in the vineyard and at the winery?  I have found that biodynamic wines have a brightness or liveliness to them. You have an opportunity to enjoy a winemaker dinner with Frédéric Sigonneau of Loire’s Domaine de l’R.  There will be two dinners; one in Victoria and…

IVSA favourite wines January 2019

New Wines in BC to Enjoy for 2019

 mywinepal  February 1, 2019

My first Trade tasting for 2019 was this week, with agents showing the latest new wines they have brought to Vancouver or new vintages of wines that are currently in our market.  I was quite surprised by how many sparkling wines I had a chance to try.  I normally see a peak interest in sparkling wine leading up to the…

Bring the Loire Valley to Your Dinner Table

 mywinepal  April 27, 2016

Buying French wine can be daunting.  The name of the grape is not seen on the bottle.  There could be the name of the village or vineyard on the bottle.  None of which probably helps many people here in Canada.  But with perseverance and a bit of knowledge you can learn a bit about a wine region, such as the…

Flight of Champagne from Champagne Marc

Whites, Rosés, and Sparkling French Wines for Summer

 mywinepal  May 14, 2014

Do you switch the types of wines you drink throughout the year?  Lighter, brighter White, Sparkling, and Rosé wines for the longer spring and summer, and fuller bodied reds for the cold, rainy (or snowy) winter days?  Of course the fuller bodied reds also go with BBQ in the summer, but in general I think most of us like a…

Chateau de Sancerre Cuvee du Connetable

Vive la France at the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2014

 mywinepal  March 23, 2014  1 Comment on Vive la France at the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2014

While the big draw for many people to the Vancouver International Wine Festival this year was sparkling wine, and French Champagne, specifically, there were many other wonderful wines to sample.  For this article, since France was the Theme Country, I would like to concentrate on their wines, sans Champagne.  My Champagne article is here. Every region in France is known…

My Marquis Wine Cellars Social Media Tasting 2012 Notes

 mywinepal  June 14, 2012

Being social has it’s privileges.  One such privilege is being invited to Marquis Wine Cellar’s Social Media tasting in downtown Vancouver.  A small, intimate affair with other social media wine and food bloggers; we get to try some new and exciting wines brought in by Marquis.  This year, I had my sights on two wines: 1) Josko Gravner Breg Anfora…

Domaine Huet sign

Domaine Huet – A Wonderful Loire Valley Experience

 mywinepal  July 1, 2011

Before I packed my suitcase and headed for France, I was looking forward immensely to visiting the Loire Valley and trying the wines of the Vouvray appellation, which is known for their many styles of Chenin Blanc.  After searching on the internet and other wine resources, I decided to pay a visit to Domaine Huet L’Echansonne. It was a beautiful…