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Drink Good Wine. That is my motto and I really want to help you drink good wine. What is good wine? That can be a different thing for each people. Food also loves wine so I also cover food and wine pairings, restaurant reviews, and world travel. Enjoy life with me. MyWinePal was started by Karl Kliparchuk, WSET. I spent many years with the South World Wine Society as the President and then cellar master. I love to travel around the world, visiting wine regions and sharing my passion for food & wine with you. Come live vicariously through me, and enjoy all my recommended wines.

Have You Tried Brickers Ciders from the Sunshine Coast?

The Bricker Cider Company sample of ciders

Have you ever tried apple ciders?  I started drinking more ciders after my trip to Scotland where I had many traditional style ciders.  These ciders were dry, with higher acidity, and have deep apple flavours.  BC grows apples so I…

Let’s Compare Okanagan Crush Pad’s free form Cabernet Franc and Rosé Style Wines

Okanagan Crush Pad free form Cabernet Franc Rosé and Cabernet Franc 2019

Have you ever wanted to compare a Red and a Rosé wine made by the same winery and the same vintage? What are the differences and similarities between the two wines? I had that chance with Okanagan Crush Pad free…

Buy Poplar Grove Lakeview Rosé 2020 to Help the BCHF and Enjoy With BBQ

Poplar Grove Lakeview Rosé 2020

Do you think that a Rose wine can pair with BBQ pork ribs, cornbread, and slaw? I put the Poplar Grove Lakeview Rosé 2020 to the test. It is a blend of 81% Merlot and 19% Malbec made in the…

Burrowing Owl Vineyards Ltd. Purchases Wild Goose Estate Vineyards & Winery Inc.

Jim Wyse with a Burrowing Owl

Winery mergers are expected in BC.  We have many smaller wineries that started up many years ago, and now the winery principals are retiring or wanting to grow their winery even larger.  With the limited land base we have for…

3 Cool Summer Cocktails with Cabot Trail Maple Cream


I enjoy drinking Cabot Trail Maple Cream with my coffee over the winter, but the Maple Cream can also be used to make cool cocktails in the summer.  I received these three cocktail recipes from the Ungava Spirits distillery to share…

Two Concrete and Amphora Aged Red Wines, Pinot Noir and Malbec, from Okanagan Crush Pad

Haywire Garnet Valley Ranch Pinot Noir 2018 and Narrative Malbec 2018

This summer has gone haywire with all the forest fires. I hope they get under control soon. But Haywire wine is something we can all enjoy now. I received a bottle of Okanagan Crush Pad‘s Haywire Garnet Valley Ranch Pinot…