Getting Back to Our First BC Trade Wine Tasting Event During COVID – My Selections

Local Flights tasting
Local Flights tasting

It was about 18 months ago since I, and other wine trade people, were able to get together and taste BC wines.  We all arrived wearing masks. Some of us with different haircuts, glasses, etc., so you may have to guess who some of the people are.  Luckily we were able to connect and share a few stories before we received BC wines to taste. 

The ballroom we were in had tables spaced out with only one person per table.  Once we were seated the wines would be brought out in flights of about 11 glasses at a time.  There were 7 flights of wines to taste and review and I only had time to go through the first 5 flights, but that is still 55 wines to taste and write notes in a 2 hr time period.  The first 4 flights were primarily white and sparkling wines, with a few Rosés.  The remaining 3 flights were red wines.  I was not able to make as detailed notes as usual, but still enough to give you an idea of the wine’s aromas and flavours, and where I rate the wine from 1-5 stars. 

Below are some of my favourite BC wines which I hope you will have a chance to enjoy as well.

My Wine Tasting Notes

All prices are wholesale; the retail price will be higher plus taxes.

First flight of BC wines - sparkling and blends
First flight of BC wines – sparkling and blends

Fitzpatrick Family Wines Fitz Brut 2017 ($26.99) – a sparkling wine made in the Traditional method with a blend of Chardonnay 73%, Pinot Noir 25%, and Pinot Meunier 2%.  A light, bright lemon colour.  A lighter intensity nose with stone fruits.  Dry, medium-bodied, with very high acidity. Restrained stonefruit flavours.  Nice small creamy bubble.  An elegant wine.  4.5 stars

Township 7 Seven Stars Sirius 2015 – sparkling wine with Chardonnay (46%) and Pinot Noir (54%) grapes from their south Langley vineyard. This wine is made in the Traditional Method.  2015 is the first vintage of this Wine Club Exclusive wine. Pale lemon.  Medium intensity nose showing lemon, lees and peaches.  Dry with very high acidity giving you a light prickle on your tongue.  Tart fruit, peaches, and some crisp apple on the finish.  4 stars4.5 stars

Monster Vineyards Monster White Knuckle 2020 ($15.04) – a white blend of 35% Muscat, 26% Viognier, 15% Chardonnay, 11% Semillon, 8% Pinot Gris, and 5% Sauvignon Blanc. Medium lemon colour.  A medium intensity nose that has lots of Gewurztraminer-like aromas and flavours.  Off-dry, round and smooth with a light acidic prickle.  An easy sipper. 4 stars

Tantalus Vineyards Blanc de Noir 2018 – sparkling wine. Has a light peach skin colour and crab apple aromas.  Ligh acidity with small, creamy and biting bubbles.  Lots of crab apple flavour.  A fun wine. 4 stars4.5 stars

Second flight of BC wines - Less common white varieties
Second flight of BC wines – Less common white varieties and 2 Rose

Hillside Winery Heritage Muscat Ottonel 2019 ($17.95) – Lots of Gewurztraminer-like aromas.  Slightly more than off-dry, has sweet stonefruit, oranges and sweet spices flavours.  Round with a medium body.  A fun wine.  4 stars

TIME Winery Chronos Sauvignon Blanc 2020 ($19.33) A light lemon colour with a pronounced nose of pine needle aroma.  Soft, medium body with lighter acidity. Smooth.  Pine needle on the palate. Elegant. 4 stars

Fort Berens Estate Winery White Gold 2018 ($24.98) – made from Chardonnay grapes. Deeper lemon with a green tint colour in the glass. Lots of vanilla, tropical fruit and butterscotch on the nose.  Fuller body, round and smooth with light acidity.  Ripe vanilla oak, tropical fruit / pineapple.  A big tasty wine. 4.5 stars

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery Pinot Gris 2019 ($14.45) – A medium-plus intensity lemon colour.  Light intensity nose with stonefruits, in particular pears, aromas. Medium body with medium intensity acidic prickle.  Pears and pineapple on the palate.  Tasty. 4 stars4.5 stars

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Ancient Waters Chardonnay 2019 ($19.99) – Medium lemon colour.  Light intensity, but inviting aromas of pears.  Soft and round with a medium-plus body and lower acidity.  Apples and tropical fruit flavours with some vanilla on the finish. 4 stars4.5 stars

Sperling Vineyards Vision Chardonnay 2017 ($23.05) – Deeper lemon colour.  Bruised apple and peach aromas.  A medium-plus body that feels thick but at the same time overall light. A paradox!  Soft acidity giving a silkiness to the wine. Cut apple with a touch of sweet spice flavours on the finish.  4.5 stars

Summerhill Pyramid Winery Biodynamic Chardonnay 2020 ($30.75) – Light apple and cidery? aroma. Soft, light and round, with light acidity.  Off-dry with a sweet crab apple flavour. 4.5 stars

Church & State Wines Coyote Bowl Chardonnay 2017 ($23.99) – Medium lemon colour.  A light intensity vanilla and tropical fruit nose.  Dry, soft and round with a light body.  Light tropical fruit and butterscotch flavours.  4.5 stars

Nostalgia Wines Viognier 2020 ($17.99) – Pale lemon colour.  Nice peach aromas.  Medium body, smooth and round, with lower acidity.  Peach, pears and a hint of floral, plus some bitterness on the finish.  Tasty. 4.5 stars

Quails’ Gate Winery Dry Riesling 2020 ($13.86) – Pale lemon colour.  Light intensity nose with a mix of pine needles and stone fruits.  Medium-plus body, round with a thicker mouthfeel.  Light pine needle and stonefruit flavours.  Elegant. 4 stars4.5 stars

Monte Creek Winery Living Land Riesling 2020 ($14.79) – Pale lemon colour.  Light intensity nose with lemons and stonefruit aromas.  Medium-plus body with medium intensity acidic prickle. Pine needles, citrus and stone fruit flavours, plus a hint of minerality.  4 stars

Harper’s Trail Estate Winery Silver Mane Block Riesling 2019 ($16.29) – Medium-plus intensity lemon colour.  Apple aromas.  Off-dry with medium body and acidity.  Some prickle on your tongue.  A mix of apples, dried apples and roasted apples, plus a touch of floral on the palate.  4 stars

Fifth flight of BC wines- Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir
Fifth flight of BC wines- Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir

Unsworth Vineyards Pinot Noir 2019 ($26.98) – Medium intensity translucent garnet colour.  Medium intensity dill, toast and cedar aromas.  Dry, medium-plus acidity and light tannins.  Red cherries, cedar and dill flavours with pepperiness that starts on the mid-palate. 4.5 stars

Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery Pinot Noir 2019 ($20.83) – A deeper, dull garnet colour.  Light intensity nose with floral, red cherries and sweet candied cherry aromas.  Dry, medium-plus body, smooth and round with a lighter mouthfeel.  Very fruity red cherries, along with floral and nutmeg spice.  Light tannins that get firmer on the finish.  4.5 stars

Sperling Vineyards Pinot Noir 2018 ($20.06) – Light, clear brickish-garnet colour.  Light intensity nose with orange peel, leather and oxidized red fruits.  A complex nose.  Light body, dry with medium acidity and very light, fine-grained tannins.  Red fruits, candied red fruits, leather, along with pepperiness toward the finish. 4 stars

Harper’s Trail Estate Winery Pinot Noir 2019 ($20.02) – A light brickish garnet colour.  Very light red fruit nose; aged fruit. A light-bodied wine with that has medium acidity and firmer tannins.  Red fruits and some floral.  Drink now, but needs to be enjoyed with food.  4 stars

Blasted Church Sacrosanct Nebbiolo 2019 – I am posting this wine as one to buy and age for at least 4 years before you try it.  It is medium intensity translucent garnet from rim to core.  A lovely nose with a mix of dill and red fruits.  Dry, lean with medium acidity and bitter stronger drying tannins.  Dill and ripe red cherries on the palate.  In 4+ years this wine should evolve into 4.5 stars5 stars.

Thank you to Wines of BC, Dana Lee Harris, and all the other people who volunteered to pour wines at this event and keep us all safe. 

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