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Only Organic Pinot Noir from Scorched Earth Winery

Scorched Earth Winery PASK The Pinot Noir 2015 and Pinot Noir 2016 wines

Pinot Noir can make such beautiful wines, with red fruit and floral scents, lighter bodied, fine tannins and medium acidity. With this, I looked forward to opening the two Pinot Noir from Scorched Earth Winery in the Okanagan Mountain Park…

A Nice Surprise, Scorched Earth Winery Merlot and Rose of Pinot Noir

Scorched Earth Winery Bearly Blushing Rosé of Pinot Noir 2019 and Merlot 2016 wines

Scorched Earth Winery is a BC winery, nestled in Okanagan Mountain Park, in Kelowna that rose from the ashes of the devastating 2003 wildfires. I heard of this winery, but did not really have much chance to try their wines…

Try Heritage Series Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from Hillside Winery

Hillside Winery Heritage Series Pinot Gris 2019 and Pinot Noir 2018 wines

Recently I tasted a bottle of Pinot Noir and one of Pinot’s siblings, Pinot Gris, coming from the Hillside Winery which is located on the Naramata Bench north of Penticton. Both bottles were provided with screwcap closures. Their Heritage Series…