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How Well Do You Know Australian Wine? Quiz Time.

 mywinepal  July 29, 2023

Australian wines have soared in popularity over the years, captivating the palates of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for their exceptional quality, distinct flavours, and diverse varieties, Australian wines have carved a formidable place in the global wine market. From a rich and robust Shiraz to an elegant and refreshing Chardonnay, the country’s vineyards boast a wide spectrum of exceptional offerings….

Quick Wine Review: St. John’s Road Peace of Eden Riesling

 mywinepal  August 11, 2018

When you think of Australian wine and regions, you probably think of a hot climate, Barossa Valley, and maybe the Coonawarra.  But what about cool climate regions of Australia?  Yes, there are cooler regions in Australia where aromatic varieties like Riesling can grow.  Off of the mainland of Australia, there is the island of Tasmania where you get fantastic sparkling…

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Australian Semillon and More at Dish N’ Dazzle

 mywinepal  May 3, 2016

Question: What does Australian Semillon have to do with BC Hospitality Foundation?  Answer: Dish N’ Dazzle.  Dish N’ Dazzle is a public charity event where the funds raised are used to support individuals in the hospitality industry that are coping with a financial crisis arising from a medical condition or injury.  The Aussie twist are all wines for this event are…

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My Vancouver International Wine Fest 2015 Summary

 mywinepal  April 21, 2015

Writing articles about wines you tasted, seminars and dinners you attended, plus editing videos I shot for the Vancouver International Wine Festival, takes a lot of time and effort, but I can now say that I have finished my tasks. In case you may have missed an article or a video I posted on my youtube channel, I thought a…

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Tasting Barossa Dirt Through Old Vines Shiraz

 mywinepal  March 30, 2015

Did you know that Australia’s Barossa Valley contains some of the oldest vineyards in the world?  There is some vineyards dating back to 1843.  To help recognize these, and other aged vines in Australia, in 2009 the Barossa Old Vine Charter was instituted. The Charter groups vineyards into 4 categories by age: Old (vines greater than or equal to 35…

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When the Skys the Limit for Australian Shiraz

 mywinepal  March 23, 2015

If you checked through my previous article on my favourite Australian wines from the Vancouver International Wine Festival, you would not have seen the wines below from Inland Trading Co (ITC), and you may have wondered why. The wines from this agency were being talked about so highly amongst the trade, and there was a continuous lineup to taste the…

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Ace Australian Wines at the Vancouver International Wine Fest

 mywinepal  March 9, 2015  1 Comment on Ace Australian Wines at the Vancouver International Wine Fest

G’Day to all my wine drinking mates.  The Aussies came in force to the Vancouver International Wine Fest and showed off their best, from Shiraz to Chardonnay and many other varietals and blends in between.  I can say that the wines I tasted were Fair Dinkum. Some of the wines really caught my eye so I thought I’d share these…

Casella Family Brands

Welcoming Casella Family Brands to the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015

 mywinepal  February 4, 2015

Have you heard of [yellow tail] wines?   Probably most of you have.  A very popular wine label for many years here in North America.  The wines are produced by the Casella family in Australia.  But they are more than [yellow tail].  They have been producing higher tier wines, such as the Casella 1919 and Beyond Horizons labels, which will be…

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Presenting Thorn-Clarke Wines at Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015

 mywinepal  November 15, 2014

Thorn-Clarke Wines is coming from Australia to pour their wines for you at the Vancouver International Wine Festival.  I’ve known and tasted their wines for many years while I was part of the South World Wine Society here in Vancouver. Read about Thorn-Clarke Wines here (and some bonus material at the end by me!). ~~~ The name Thorn-Clarke derives literally…

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Thistledown Wines Comes to the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015

 mywinepal  November 10, 2014

Thistledown Wines draws on its Celtic links for their logo. Established in 2010 by Giles Cooke MW, “The Pom”, Fergal Tynan MW “The Irishman” and Peter Leske “The Australian of German Descent”. Giles Cooke passed his MW first time around and has since had wine making experience in Spain, Australia and California. Fergal Tynan has extensively travelled the world and…