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The Latest Aussie Wines You Should Try

 mywinepal  May 10, 2018

What do you know about the current (2017) statistics about Australian wine?  Did you know that the total vineyard area in Australia is 135,133 ha, of which Shiraz accounts for 39,893 ha (30%) and Chardonnay (the largest white variety) cover 21,442 ha (16%)? There are estimated to be 2468 wineries and 6251 grape growers in Australia. Compare that to Canada…

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My Top 5 Star Rated Wines for 2015

 mywinepal  December 21, 2015

5 Star wines are the top of my rating scale.  It takes a lot to convince me to give a 5 star rating to a wine.  I look for a balance of acidity, tannins, sweetness, fruit, oak and alcohol, as applicable for red, white, fortified, and sparkling wines.  These 7 wines below have everything I am looking for in a…

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When the Skys the Limit for Australian Shiraz

 mywinepal  March 23, 2015

If you checked through my previous article on my favourite Australian wines from the Vancouver International Wine Festival, you would not have seen the wines below from Inland Trading Co (ITC), and you may have wondered why. The wines from this agency were being talked about so highly amongst the trade, and there was a continuous lineup to taste the…