Thistledown Wines Comes to the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015

Thistledown logo

Thistledown Wines draws on its Celtic links for their logo. Established in 2010 by Giles Cooke MW, “The Pom”, Fergal Tynan MW “The Irishman” and Peter Leske “The Australian of German Descent”. Giles Cooke passed his MW first time around and has since had wine making experience in Spain, Australia and California. Fergal Tynan has extensively travelled the world and his enduring love for the wines, people and regions of Australia lured him into actually making wine there. Peter Leske is a well-known face in Australian wine. A brilliant winemaker, he is fundamental to the quality and personality of the super premium wines made at Thistledown.

Thistledown Wines mosaic
Thistledown Wines mosaic

Adelaide Hills is home to this winery, but Thistledown Wines make super premium wines from the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek regions of South Australia. The winery works closely with growers from these regions, sourcing fruit that is true to the origins, and delivering balanced, delicious wines of great personality. With a passion for the wines of Southern France and Spain, the winery focuses on creating wines from Grenache and Syrah and each chosen region reflects its own terroir in their respective wines in the portfolio. Chardonnay has also been produced from the cooler climate region of Eden Valley.

Thistledown Wines-Their Vision

Giles Cooke MW & Fergal Tynan MW, Thistledown Wines @ Alliance Tasting Deluxe

Thistledown Wines produces wines with a sense of place. They started with a vision to produce wines that reflect the personality of place. Creating wines with life, vibrancy of fruit and drinking appeal. In order to achieve this they only buy very high quality grapes from growers who share their vision and are prepared to
work with the winery to deliver pristine fruit to the winery. Fruit that still has great balance of sweetness, acidity and tannin.

Barossa: The wines capture the true flavour of the old vines of Barossa in a moderate framework – still robust,fully flavoured but bright, balanced and full of life.
McLaren Vale: For Thistledown Wines this region is less about power and more about fruit purity, balance and perfume. McLaren Vale is world-class for Grenache and, along with a few other hardy souls, they continue to champion this variety in this region.
Adelaide Hills: The region is known for its cool climate styles and Thistledown Wines is delighted to champion Chardonnay as the star performer in this region.
Langhorne Creek: The wines from this region have a wonderfully dense, plush palate with a savoury edge. Thistledown considers this region as the unsung hero and Shiraz country.

Taste Our Wines

The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015 will be an exclusive opportunity to taste these wines of personality.

  • Thistledown Great Escape Chardonnay 2012, Langhorne Creek, $22.99
  • Thistledown Cunning Plan Shiraz 2012, Eden Valley, $24.99
  • Thistledown The Thorny Devil Grenache 2013, Barossa, $32.99
  • Thistledown Basket Case Old Vine Shiraz 2012, Barossa, $39.99
  • Thistledown The Vagabond Grenache 2013, McLaren Vale, $44.99
Thistledown Wines at the Vancouver International Wine Festival
Thistledown Wines at the Vancouver International Wine Festival
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