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Book Review: Trillium by M.L.Holton

 mywinepal  November 4, 2019

I enjoy reading books.  My interests, in particular, are around health & wellness, history, and food & wine.  When I can find a fictional book that covers history as a backdrop, and then add in food & wine, that makes me very interested to read it.  When I was contacted by Canadian author, M.L.Holton, to read her latest novel “Trillium”…

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Celebrate Canada Day 2019 with Canadian Wine!

 mywinepal  June 28, 2019

The Canada Day long weekend celebration is this weekend.  Picnics and bbq and generally getting together with friends and family will happen.  Enjoying this scene with Canadian wine would make it even better in my opinion.  Below is a list of Canadian wines I tasted over the past year that I think would be fun to have this long weekend. …

FunDeLentil Tour

Eat, Vote, Win with the FundeLentil Tour

 mywinepal  June 12, 2015

The FunDeLentil Tour is putting fun on the menu this June.  From Vancouver to Halifax, 24 restaurants across Canada are serving mouth-watering signature lentil dishes as part of a cross-Canada competition from June 1st – 30th.  You can Eat. Vote. Win. Here in Vancouver we have Fable, Forage, Campagnolo, and Cafe Medina all participating in this fun food contest.  High…

Do You Prefer Riesling? Some Notes on the Canadian Wine Palate Survey 2013

 mywinepal  December 17, 2013  5 Comments on Do You Prefer Riesling? Some Notes on the Canadian Wine Palate Survey 2013

As you may recall, earlier this year I set up a poll for Canadians asking some questions about the types of wines they like, how much they pay for wine, etc. Although I did not get as large a sample as I hoped from across Canada (85 responses), I feel that I do have enough where I can make some…

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The National Tasting: Creating A Great Wine Culture

 mywinepal  October 18, 2013

Have you heard about The National Tasting: Creating A Great Wine Culture?  Peter Lehmann Wines is inviting Canadian wine lovers to The National Tasting: a first-of-its-kind live-streaming and interactive panel discussion featuring some of the wine world’s leading experts. Peter Lehmann Wines (PLW) will host this unique conversation featuring writer and broadcaster Anthony Gismondi alongside a panel of top sommeliers…

What is a Canadian Wine Palate? #CanWinePalate

 mywinepal  January 29, 2013

Do Canadians have a distinct wine palate?  Is it something that is the same from coast to coast to coast?  Or, do we have regional and or age differences?  Do people from BC for example, prefer to purchase big red wines from South America, while people from Nova Scotia choose white wines from Italy?  I don’t know, but I want…