What is a Canadian Wine Palate? #CanWinePalate

A flight of Summerhill wines

A flight of Summerhill wines

Do Canadians have a distinct wine palate?  Is it something that is the same from coast to coast to coast?  Or, do we have regional and or age differences?  Do people from BC for example, prefer to purchase big red wines from South America, while people from Nova Scotia choose white wines from Italy?  I don’t know, but I want to find out. And to let you know too!

I read many online articles that talk about what people in the US are buying, or in Europe, but you do not hear much about Canada.  I think maybe with our diversity geography and climate that we may be different than people in California, or Australia, or Spain when we decide to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy with a meal.  As Canadians, I think we have a different sense of humor compared to Americans, and we have a devotion to hockey like no other country.  So why can’t we have a unique Canadian wine palate?

Join me on this journey to find out the answer.  You can participate by taking this anonymous survey at this link. (Works best with a laptop or desktop computer.  Not optimized for smartphones or tablets.)

Please pass the link or this article on to other Canadians.  If you are not Canadian, don’t fret as I will be posting surveys about other countries’ palates.  On Twitter, please follow the hash tag, #CanWinePalate for updates about the survey.  I would like to get people from EVERY province and territory to participate so we get the most complete picture ever of our wine palate.

The survey will close on March 15, 2013, after which time, I will compile all the information and post the information on MyWinePal.com.  Thank you so much for participating!