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BC VQA COLOUR Masterclass on BCs Sub-GIs

Learn about Sub-GIs in BC’s Wine Regions

 mywinepal  September 27, 2019  2 Comments on Learn about Sub-GIs in BC’s Wine Regions

Do you know what a Geographical Indication (GI) means in the BC wine industry? According to a BC Ministry of Agriculture press release, a GI is “…a standard element of appellation systems used around the world that help people identify wines in the marketplace, provide assurance as to the origin and quality of the wine, and promote agri-tourism. British Columbia…

Baillie-Grohman: Vibrant Wines from BC Kootenay’s Region

 mywinepal  June 15, 2018

Creston, BC is probably not what you first think of when someone mentions a grape growing and wine-producing region in BC. But it is. And it has a long history of orchard fruit production.  I found this out on my recent trip to the interior.  I knew that the Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery is located in Creston, and I know they produce very good…

The Latest BC VQA Wines for You to Enjoy in 2016

 mywinepal  September 25, 2016

I love to support our BC wineries.  I watched over the many years as the number of wineries has grown as well as the quality improved.  Wine critics from here as well as around the world, have tasted our wines, celebrated the quality, and told others.  Now you can find BC wines around the world, from Hong Kong to London….

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SOAHC Biodynamic Wines in BC – CHAOS Cimanydoib Seniw ni CB

 mywinepal  October 13, 2014

The first biodynamic wine I tasted was at a wine tasting at the South World Wine Society.  The topic was not biodynamic wines at all.  I do not remember the topic, other than it was red wines from Australia, and it happened that one of the bottles was from a biodynamic winery.  That wine tasted more alive and vibrant than…