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Wine Growers of BC- BC Wine Regions Topo Map

The BC Wine Industry Welcomes Six New Sub-GIs

 mywinepal  June 30, 2022

In BC we relatively quickly learned that cooler climate grapes, like Riesling, did better in the north Okanagan, and warmer climate grapes, like Syrah, did better in the south Okanagan.  Similarly cooler climate grape varieties in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island.  And more.  But we have had a few decades now to further refine these generalized grape growing regions…

BC VQA COLOUR Masterclass on BCs Sub-GIs

Learn about Sub-GIs in BC’s Wine Regions

 mywinepal  September 27, 2019  2 Comments on Learn about Sub-GIs in BC’s Wine Regions

Do you know what a Geographical Indication (GI) means in the BC wine industry? According to a BC Ministry of Agriculture press release, a GI is “…a standard element of appellation systems used around the world that help people identify wines in the marketplace, provide assurance as to the origin and quality of the wine, and promote agri-tourism. British Columbia…

Getting on Track for Spring and Summer with Road 13 Vineyards

 mywinepal  April 28, 2018

2017 was an interesting vintage in the Okanagan in my opinion, with the cool, wet Spring, followed by the forest fires and smoke that started in June and went through most of the summer.  I was worried about smoke taint in the Okanagan, but fortunately, the grapes did not have any problems.  But the smoke did have an unexpected benefit…

VanWineFest 2017 – A Culmination of Flavours Dinner

 mywinepal  February 22, 2017

Culmina Family Estate Winery is owned and run by Don and Elaine Triggs, and their daughter Sara.  An Okanagan winery located on the Golden Mile Bench.  Don Triggs’ is known for co-founding the Jackson Triggs Winery that we have here in the Okanagan.  But sometimes small is beautiful, and artistry in wine is what you desire, so enter Culmina.  They began…

C.C. Jentsch logo on bottle capsule

C.C. Jentsch Cellars on a Quest for Red and White

 mywinepal  December 18, 2016

Are you on a Quest or a Chase for something?  For wineries, it may be for the best expression of the grapes in the glass, showing off their terroir.  A light hand by the wine maker.  To me the light hand of the wine maker really comes out in the red wines from C. C. Jentsch Cellars. C. C. Jentsch…

C.C. Jentsch logo

Presenting the Wines of C.C. Jentsch Cellars at the Vancouver International Wine Fest 2017

 mywinepal  November 25, 2016

Who We Are C.C. Jentsch Cellars was established in 2102 but The Jentsch family has been farming the Okanagan since 1929. Chris and Betty Jentsch are the winery proprietors and winegrowers. Like many people you may assume that C. C. are Chris’ initials. Actually, they stand for his middle name, Carl, and his wife`s middle name, Coelho, which means rabbit in…