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10 Wines for You to Savour Australia

 mywinepal  May 23, 2016

There are many wines to savour from Australia, from classic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra or Semillon from the Hunter Valley, to the new “natural” wines from wineries like Jaume and Alpha Box & Dice.  At the Dish N’ Dazzle event supporting the BC Hospitality Foundation, wines of Australia were sipped and savoured, together with sample dishes…

So You Say You Want a Wine Revolution?

 mywinepal  May 22, 2016

You know we all want to change the world, and wine making is one of those areas that has been undergoing a revolution to past wine making techniques recently.  I attended a seminar on the past, present, and future of Australian wine making, and it was interesting to see changes that are going on in this country, but it can…

Cuvee Jean Louis Blanc de Blancs and Charles de Frere Brut Merite

My Latest Wine Picks from Charton-Hobbs’ Portfolio

 mywinepal  September 13, 2015

After summer holidays are over and you are all relaxed from the sun, food, and wine with family and friends, September comes around.  For the wine trade, this is the start of the busy season leading up to Christmas, and with this there are many agency portfolio tastings.  I attended two portfolio tastings this past week, and I’m here to…

A Few Australian Wine Picks For You

 mywinepal  January 25, 2014  2 Comments on A Few Australian Wine Picks For You

When did you last try a bottle of Australian wine? For some of you, maybe today, but for others maybe quite a while.  People find favorite countries or types of grape and stay with that for a while. Sometimes it is nice to break out of your pattern and retaste wines from other countries.  It has been a while since…