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Champagne bottle weight reduction (Image courtesy Comite Champagne)

This Earth Day, Discover the Sustainability of Champagne!

 mywinepal  April 3, 2022

Do you know how wine producers in Champagne, France are working to combat climate change and be more sustainable? See below for some key highlights and initiatives from the region: Champagne was the first wine-growing region in the world to implement a carbon footprint assessment and identify the main sources of emissions. Since the region’s carbon footprint plan was enacted…

Badgers in BC

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Supports Endangered BC Badgers

 mywinepal  July 20, 2021

In BC we are careful of our endangered species, typically orcas and bears, but there are animals, some quite small, that we may not think of as being endangered.  A case in point are BC badgers.  I applaud Monte Creek Ranch Winery for bringing awareness to this endangered species and for helping to raise money to support a badger conservation…

Earth from Space (Image courtesy NASA)

Earth Day April 22, Climate Change, and Champagne’s Adaptations

 mywinepal  April 14, 2021

Did you know that Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day?  There are many environmental and climate challenges for us to overcome to help the earth’s biosphere become healthier.  Wineries from around the world are doing their part to help.  The Champagne region has taken up this challenge and has several initiatives to help minimize the effects the climate change and…

Pulp wine shippers

One Way to Help the Environment When You Buy BC Wine Online

 mywinepal  April 11, 2021  1 Comment on One Way to Help the Environment When You Buy BC Wine Online

We are told to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to help the environment. I see that many BC wineries are doing what they can at the winery to that end. But when you order a case of wine from one of our fantastic BC wineries, what do you do with the box or the pulp wine shippers? I have been putting…

Sea Change Sauvignon Blanc Pays D'Oc 2018 and Rosé Pays D'Oc 2018

Enjoy Wine and Save the Environment with Sea Change Wines

 mywinepal  August 5, 2020

I feel good about enjoying these two wines by Sea Change, which come from France.  Sea Change use renewable plant-based closures (corks) and the paper for the labels coming from certified sustainable forests and made partially from grape waste.   I am not sure where their corks are made but I do see a company called NOMACORC that does make plant-based…