One Way to Help the Environment When You Buy BC Wine Online

We are told to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to help the environment. I see that many BC wineries are doing what they can at the winery to that end. But when you order a case of wine from one of our fantastic BC wineries, what do you do with the box or the pulp wine shippers? I have been putting them in the recycle bin, but have been thinking there must be something better we can do for the environment. 

Pulp wine shippers top view
Pulp wine shippers top view

Recycle is supposed to be the LAST choice in the 3R’s.  Can we Reuse the pulp wine shippers?  I posed this question to some BC wineries and overwhelmingly I was told that they would be willing to take back the pulp shippers and reuse them.  One winery said that they would offer people a discount off of their next wine purchase when they drop the shippers off at their winery. 

So, don’t throw out the pulp shippers.  Put them in a dry location and wait for the summer when we can travel again and visit the Okanagan, bringing those shippers.  Some winery will happily take them from you.  Dr. Bonny Henry said that our summer should be more normal.  If you can’t wait till the summer, there are several wineries in the Fraser Valley that you could ask if they will take your pulp shippers, and then visit them.  If you live on Vancouver Island, check with your local wineries.

Pulp wine shippers side view
Pulp wine shippers side view
If you work at a BC winery that will accept pulp wine shippers back from customers, please post your winery name in the Comments section below, so we all know. Thanks!
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  1. Hi Karl – any shippers you get from Town Hall Brands we will happily take back and reuse.

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