This Earth Day, Discover the Sustainability of Champagne!

Do you know how wine producers in Champagne, France are working to combat climate change and be more sustainable? See below for some key highlights and initiatives from the region:

Champagne bottle weight reduction (Image courtesy Comite Champagne)
Champagne bottle weight reduction (Image courtesy Comite Champagne)

Champagne was the first wine-growing region in the world to implement a carbon footprint assessment and identify the main sources of emissions. Since the region’s carbon footprint plan was enacted in 2003, the C02 emissions generated by each bottle of Champagne have been cut by 20 percent. Champagne aims to achieve a 75% decrease by 2050.

In 2010, the region lightened each bottle by 7% to reduce the impact of packaging and transport-related C02 emissions. This amounts to an emissions reduction equivalent of 8,000 tons of C02 a year, or taking a fleet of 4,000 vehicles off the road.

Champagne has worked with its regional partners to create an industrial ecology program for waste recycling and biomass conversion. Due to this, 90% of waste from the region is sorted and recycled, or used to recover energy, and 100% of winemaking sub-products are used by various industries.

The region is also working to be more sustainable by altering vine training, including by improving soil management, managing foliage height, and taking samples of grapes when ripening starts to efficiently ensure the right time for harvest.

Thank you to Comite Champagne for providing this information.

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