Monte Creek Ranch Winery Supports Endangered BC Badgers

In BC we are careful of our endangered species, typically orcas and bears, but there are animals, some quite small, that we may not think of as being endangered.  A case in point are BC badgers.  I applaud Monte Creek Ranch Winery for bringing awareness to this endangered species and for helping to raise money to support a badger conservation group.  The press release is below.


Monte Creek Winery is raising awareness and funds to support badgers for the month of July.

Kamloops, BC, July 20, 2021:  Monte Creek Winery, located 30 minutes east of Kamloops, BC, is supporting endangered badgers. BC badgers, also known as Taxidea taxus jeffersonii, are only found in BC. There are fewer than 350 of them left, meaning they are red-listed and ranked S2, or imperiled, by the BC Conservation Data Centre. After learning that the stretch of Highway 1 between Lafarge and Pritchard, which is right outside of their winery, has the highest badger kill numbers in the province, Monte Creek Winery was moved to help the badgers by fundraising and increasing awareness.

“It was troubling to learn that badgers are an endangered species in BC and that highway kills are the leading cause of their struggles. With our winery being next to two major highways, we feel a responsibility to bring awareness and support the conservation of these vital members of the ecosystem in the Thompson Valley,” said Ashley Demedeiros, Marketing Manager. “We urge people to keep a sharp eye out for badgers on highways during the summer. We also hope our community can help us raise money to support the efforts of conservation groups.” 

Badgers in BC (image courtesy
Badgers in BC (image courtesy

Monte Creek Winery is selling badges and accepting $1.00 donations in their tasting room for the month of July to raise funds. The money raised from these efforts will be going to Badgers in BC, a badger conservation group.

The BC Wildlife Park will also receive money raised from selling postcards and from the proceeds collected by auctioning off two commissioned paintings that Bloom the badger graciously donated to the cause. You can view the paintings via their website:

Highway mortality is a leading cause for badger deaths in BC because they cross large land areas during their mating season in July and August. Monte Creek Winery has also been actively working with Leonard Sielecki, Manager, Wildlife Program British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Rich Weir, a spokesman for the BC Badger Society conservation group and a biologist with the Ministry of the Environment. They have plans to assess culverts along the highway outside the winery as badgers, and other wildlife, use them. 

Monte Creek Winery is also asking everyone, even if they can not donate, to support BC badgers by slowing down this summer and being aware of potential badger crossings while travelling. You can report badger sightings to the BC Badger Society via their website:

About Monte Creek Winery

Just a 30-minute drive east of Kamloops, Monte Creek Winery’s diversity, natural beauty and warm hospitality provide a unique destination for visitors. Guests come to experience the beauty and bounty that first brought pioneers out West. They can enjoy a local wine tasting, dine from their regionally inspired restaurant, or shop for local artisanal products. 

Monte Creek Winery’s winemaking philosophy is to showcase the terroir of the South Thompson valley, where they produce Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and other premium wines. Monte Creek Ranch Winery wines are available for sale at the winery, via their website, and at various liquor stores and restaurants around BC, AB, SASK, MB, ON and QUE. 

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