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Cipes Ariel 2000 sparkling wine label

Classic BC Bubble from Cipes Ariel 2000

 mywinepal  February 14, 2020

What were you doing in 2000?  If it was just before January 1, you were probably worrying about all our computers and anything running with a computer chip and code stops running when the clocks turned to “00”.  Luckily we all survived.  This was a rare event. Another rare event is vintage Champagne; that is Champagne made with a year…

Summerhill Winery logo

Harmony at Summerhill Wines with Ezra Cipes

 mywinepal  September 23, 2012  3 Comments on Harmony at Summerhill Wines with Ezra Cipes

When you talk with visitors to the Okanagan, most will say they want to visit Summerhill Winery and see their pyramid, where they partially age all their wines. Some may say they also want to visit because it uses biodynamic farming methods.  I sat down with Ezra Cipes, CEO of Summerhill, and son of the founder, Stephen Cipes, at a restaurant…