You Should Try Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Rouge and Blanc Wines!

Here are two delicious vegan wines.  I recently tasted the Winemaker’s CUT latest Bohemian Blanc 2019 and Bohemian Rouge 2019 wines.  I’ve tasted many Winemaker’s CUT wines and always have to compliment them on their winemaking skills.  These two wines would be great for the holiday season.  I can see them working well with various dishes.  I did try them with cheese and smoked prosciutto and will give you my comments after my wine tasting notes.

Winemaker's CUT wax ring on wine cork
Winemaker’s CUT ring on wine cork

I should also note that these two wines do not have a foil or plastic capsule over the neck of the bottle; instead, there is a plastic ring on top of the cork that says Winemaker’s CUT.  I think that is quite classy, adds to ease of identification if the bottle is laying on its side in your wine cellar, and avoids the need for the capsule. 

My Wine Tasting Notes

Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Blanc 2019 (BC $28)

A white Bordeaux blend of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Semillon fermented with wild and organic yeasts and aged for 6 months in Slovakian oak barrels.

Appearance: Bright, medium-plus intensity lemon colour in the glass.
Nose: A very interesting nose, with aromas of lemon, sweet pea flowers (burns off quickly), waxy, honey, and finally some pineapple aromas with air. The wine has mainly lemon and waxy aromas with decanting some butterscotch and less pineapple.
Palate: Dry medium-plus body, thicker with some waxy texture.  Semi-round.  There is a little higher acidity that leaves a prickle on your tongue.  The wine gets a bit lighter on the mid-palate.  Ripe pineapple, light butterscotch and pech.  Some butteriness, oak and pear flavour.  The wine is still semi-round with decanting, but has higher acidity than before.  You also get crisp apple flavour, along with citrus and pineapple, and also now some stoniness.
Finish: A medium-plus length with lemon, tart fruit, pears, some oak, butteriness and pepper.

No decanting needed.  Just open and enjoy.

Rating: 4.5 stars A delicious white Bordeaux blend. Rich aromas of lemon, honey, and pineapple.  Medium-plus body, semi-round and dry.  Ripe pineapple, butterscotch, oak and peach flavours.

Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Rouge 2019 (BC $34)

A blend of 40% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Petit Verdot fermented using wild and organic yeasts and aged for 6 months in Slovakian oak barrels.

Appearance: A deep, translucent garnet colour.  About 70% opaque.
Nose: Lots going on.  Smoky raspberries, plums, red cherries, cassis, and a touch of floral and oak. Similar aromas with decanting, but you can add a touch of capsicum, dark fruits, and sweet spices.
Palate: Dry with a light mouthfeel.  Lean, not mouth-filling.  Black fruit, plums and ripe raspberry flavours, plus touches of cocoa, coffee, floral and minerality.  Light fine tannins that get a tad stronger toward the finish. A medium mouthfeel with decanting, plus more evident capsicum on the palate, and no cocoa or coffee flavours.  Black fruits, raspberries, plums and floral, along with the mineral note persist.
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing with bright dark fruit flavours, a hint of capsicum and light pepperiness.  Light, dusty tannins.

No need to decant this wine.  I prefer the aromas and flavours without decanting.

Rating: 4.5 stars A nuanced wine.  Lots of aromas covering smoky raspberries, plums, red cherries and cassis, plus touches of floral and oak.  A light, lean mouthfeel.  Light tannins.  Balck fruit, plums, plus ripe raspberries and a touch of mineral and floral.

Winemaker's CUT Bohemian White and Red 2019 with wines in glasses
Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Blanc and Rouge 2019 with wines in glasses

Wine Pairing with Cheese and Prosciutto

I tried these two kinds of cheese and the prosciutto with TIME Family of Wines, and had some left so why not try it with these wines?  You can read my TIME Family of Wines pairing here.

Smoked prosciutto and packaged cheese (L), mature cheddar and camembert (M), and smoked prosciutto (R)
Smoked prosciutto and packaged cheese (L), mature cheddar and camembert (M), and smoked prosciutto (R)

Cathedral City Mature Cheddar – Light yellow butter colour.  It has a very light, mild nose.  Dry with medium sharpness that gets creamy in your mouth.  There is a touch of saltiness and butteriness, with some nuttiness toward the end. I really enjoyed this cheese on its own.  I enjoy the combination of the creaminess and light sharpness of this cheese.

Ile de France Camembert – An acetic nose if you put your nose right up to the cheese, but otherwise not noticeable.  Soft and buttery with some bitterness from the rind and some mushroom flavour from the cheese.  

San Daniele Smoked Prosciutto – Dry, lightly smoked, some fattiness, nutty and ham flavour. I quite like the addition of smoke to prosciutto.  It adds some nice complexity without being overly smoky.

The Bohemian Blanc 2019 was complimentary with the cheddar cheese with a mix of fruit from the wine and creaminess from the cheese.  It also went well with the smoked prosciutto where the fattiness and salt from the prosciutto meshed well with the fruit and acidity of the wine.

The Bohemian Rouge 2019 also was complimentary with the cheddar cheese. Again fruit from the wine and the creaminess of the cheese.  This wine also went well with the prosciutto salt and fattiness to the fruit and acidity in the wine.

Unfortunately the Camembert did not mesh well with either wine.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can buy both wines at the winery’s website:

  • Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Blanc 2019
  • Winemaker’s CUT Bohemian Rouge 2019
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