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Ravenswood Limited Release Besieged 2013

Ravenswood Besieged by Nature this Halloween

 mywinepal  October 23, 2014

“Are ravens circling a good or a bad omen?”, Joel thought, as the black winged birds, about the size of a football, with long wingspan, and tapered wings, and each feather, like so many shiny throwing daggers silently glided above his head, this dark and gloomy evening, the copper Autumn moon just half exposed, peaking behind the gathering storm clouds…

Ravenswood and The Flying Pig – No Wimpy Wines or Food

 mywinepal  November 1, 2012  2 Comments on Ravenswood and The Flying Pig – No Wimpy Wines or Food

Tuesday evening, the rain fell, but it could not dampen my spirits as I entered The Flying Pig Restaurant in Yaletown to taste the wines from Ravenswood Winery, listen to winemaker Joel Peterson, and enjoy the entrees prepared to pair with the wines.  Ravenswood’s motto is “No Wimpy Wines” and I may add that this could also apply to the…

Ravenswood logo

Ravenswood Dinner – No Wimpy Wines

 mywinepal  October 29, 2012

I’m so excited because tomorrow I will be attending a media dinner to try a flight of wines by Ravenswood Winery wine maker Joel Peterson at the Flying Pig in Yaletown.  The wines I will be sampling, and tweeting live to you will be: Ravenswood VB Chardonnay 2010 Ravenswood VB Zinfandel 2009 Sangiacomo Chardonnay Lodi Zinfandel 2009 Sonoma Zinfandel County…