The i4C+ Celebration You Should Not Miss: Wineries and Wines

i4C logoAt the i4C+ Celebration on July 21-23, 2017 there will be 59 cool climate chardonnay producers; 25 wineries from Ontario and 34 from around the world.  There will be 2 wineries from BC too.  And as I mentioned in my previous article on the i4C+ Celebration, while the focus is Chardonnay there will also be Pinot Noir, Gamay, Cab Franc, Blanc de Blancs, and Rosé wines to enjoy.  Here is the list of wineries and the wines that you can sip and savour if you attend.

Being in BC, I am very excited to try more wines from Ontario, as we do not get that many wines.  Austria is intriguing.  Australia’s Margaret River produces wines which are more in Burgundy style, which I like, and I have a soft spot for French wine.  It will be interesting to compare the Chardonnay from Sonoma, Napa, and SLH.

Wineries and the Wines of the i4C+ 2017

I4C collage
i4C+ collage (Image courtesy


Robert Oatley Vineyards (Margaret River, Australia)

Represented by: Aaron Brasher, Business Development Director

Robert Oatley ‘Finisterre’ Margaret River Chardonnay 2016 ($41.95)

Robert Oatley ‘The Pennant’ Margaret River Chardonnay 2015 ($70.95)


Vasse Felix (Margaret River, Australia)

Represented by: Virginia Willcock, Chief Winemaker

Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay 2016 ($24.95)

Vasse Felix Heytesbury Chardonnay 2015 ($89.95)


Esterhazy (Leithaberg DAC Burgenland, Austria)

Represented by: Stefan Tscheppe, Director

Chardonnay Leithaberg 2015 ($19.95)

Il Magnifico 2013 ($37.95)

Hudertpfunder Burenlan 2013 ($28.95)



JoieFarm Winery (Okanagan Valley British Columbia, Canada)

Represented by: Heidi Noble, Winemaker and Owner

En Famille’ Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($28)

JoieFarm Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2016 ($23)

JoieFarm Pinot Noir 2015 ($26)


Sperling Vineyards (Okanagan Valley British Columbia, Canada)

Represented by: Rickard Branby, Vineyard Manager & Assitant Winemaker

Chardonnay ‘Vision’ Estate Bottled 2015 ($30)

Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature 2013 ($45)



Coteau Rougemont (Montérégie Québec, Canada)

Represented by: Patrick Fournier, WInemaker

Chardonnay La Côte 2015 ($24)


Domaine Saint-Jacques (Québec, Canada)

Represented by: TBC

Chardonnay Réserve 2015 ($24.25)

Pinot Noir 2015 ($26.25)



Benjamin Bridge (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Canada)

Represented by: Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, Winemaker

Blanc de Blancs 2011 ($45)

Brut 2012 ($45)


Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Canada)

Represented by: Josh Horton, Winemaker

Ancienne Chardonnay 2014 ($40)

Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2013 ($45)

Ancienne Pinot Noir 2014 ($40)



13th Street Winery (Niagara Creek Shores, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Jean-Pierre Colas, Winemaker

Sandstone Vineyard Chardonnay 2013 ($29.95)

June’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 ($21.95)

Sandstone Vineyard Gamay 2014 ($29.95)


Adamo Estate Winery (Ontario, Canada)

Represented by: Shauna White, Winemaker/Vineyard Manager

Oaked Chardonnay, Willms’ Vineyard 2014 ($31)

Sogno, Unoaked Chardonnay 2016 ($17.25)

Pinot Noir, Wismer-Parke Vineyard 2014 ($28.65)


Bachelder Niagara (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Thomas Bachelder, Owner & Winemaker

Bachelder Chardonnay Niagara 2014 ($25)

Bachelder Chardonnay Wismer Foxcroft Vineyard 2013 ($44.95)

Bachelder Lowrey Pinot Noir Old Vines 2015 ($45)


Cave Spring Cellars (Beamsville Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Gabriel Demarco, Assistant Winemaker

Chardonnay CSV 2014 ($29.95)

Chardonnay Musqué 2015 ($16.95)

Blanc de Blancs NV ($29.95)


Château des Charmes Winery (St. David’s Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Amélie Boury, Winemaker & Director of Oenology

Chardonnay, Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard 2014 ($22.95)

Blanc de Blancs Sparkling 2014 ($29.95)

Gamay Noir, Estate Grown & Bottled 2015 ($14.95)

Rosé, Cuvée D’Andrée, Estate Grown & Bottled 2016 ($ 15.95)


Creekside Estate Winery (Creek Shores Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Rob Power, Executive Winemaker

Queenston Road Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 ($24.95)

Serluca Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2013 ($24.95)

Queenston Road Pinot Noir Rosé 2015 ($ 21.95)


Domaine Queylus (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Kelly Mason, Associate Winemaker

Chardonnay Tradition 2015 ($24.95)

Chardonnay Reserve 2015 ($34.95)

Pinot Noir Reserve 2013 ($45)


Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery (Beamsville Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Marlize Beyers, Winemaker

Felseck Vineyard Chardonnay 2014 ($38)

Estate Chardonnay 2015 ($28.75)


Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery (Short Hills Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Paul & Daniel Speck, President and VP Sales & Marketing, respectively

Speck Family Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($29.95)

Cuvée Catharine Blanc de Blanc ‘Carte Blanche’ 2012 ($44.95)


Inniskillin Wines (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Bruce Nicholson, Winemaker

Montague Vineyard Chardonnay 2014 ($24.95)

Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($18.95)

Reserve Series Cabernet Franc 2015 ($24.95)


Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (Niagara, Canada)

Represented by: Marco Piccoli, Winemaker

Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($13.95)

Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($19.95)

Grand Reserve Pinot Noir 2015


Malivoire Wine (Beamsville Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Shiraz Mottiar, Winemaker

Mottiar Chardonnay 2014 ($29.95)

Moira Chardonnay 2014 ($39.95)

Small Lot Gamay 2016($19.95)

Vivant 2016 ($ 19.95)


Niagara College Teaching Winery (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Gavin Robertson, Winemaker

Dean’s List Chardonnay 2012 ($25.15)

Balance Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2013 ($19.15)

Les Marmitons Pinot Noir 2014($19.15)

College Rosé 2014 ($ 12.15)


Norman Hardie Winery (Prince Edward County, Canada)

Represented by: Norman Hardie, Owner & Winemaker

Chardonnay 2015 ($39)

County Chardonnay 2014 ($45)


Pearl Morissette (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: François Morissette, Vigneron

Chardonnay Cuvée Dix-Neuvième 2014 ($38.2)


Peller Estates (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Katie Dickieson, Wine Maker

Andrew Peller Signature Series Chardonnay 2014 ($31.75)

Peller Estates Private Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($18.75)

Peller Estates Private Reserve Pinot Noir 2015 ($24.80)


Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Martin Werner, Winemaker

Ravine Chardonnay 2015 ($30)

Ravine Reserve Chardonnay 2014 ($55)

Ravine Nancy’s Block Cabernet Franc 2015 ($55)

Ravine Cabernet Rosé 2016 ($ 22)


Redstone Winery (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Rene Van Ede, Winemaker

Redstone Chardonnay 2012 ($25.5)

Reserve Chardonnay 2012 ($38.95)

Cabernet Franc 2013 ($39.95)


Southbrook Vineyards (Four Mile Creek Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Ann Sperling, Winemaker

Southbrook Triomphe Chardonnay 2015 ($22.95)

Southbrook Poetica Chardonnay 2013 ($49.95)

Southbrook Estate Grown Small Lot Cabernet Rosé 2016 ($ 29.95)


Stratus Vineyards (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Suzanne Janke, Estate Director

Stratus Chardonnay 2015 ($48)

Stratus Chardonnay 2014 ($48)

Stratus Cabernet Franc 2014($38)


Tawse Winery (Niagara Escarpment, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Paul Pender/Rene Van Ede, Winemaker

Quarry Road Chardonnay 2013 ($37.95)

Robyn’s Block Chardonnay 2012 ($45.95)

Cherry Avenue Pinot Noir 2012 ($48.95)


Thirty Bench Wine Makers (Beamsville Bench Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Emma Garner, Winemaker

Wine Makers Small Lot Chardonnay 2015 ($19.95)

Wine Makers Small Lot Chardonnay 2014 ($30)

Wine Makers Small Lot Pinot Noir 2014 ($35)


Trail Estate Winery (Prince Edward County, Canada)

Represented by: Mackenzie Brisbois, Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

Chardonnay – Unfiltered 2015 ($32)

Chardonnay, County 2016 ($39)

Cabernet Franc 2015 ($44)


Trius Winery (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Craig McDonald, Wine Maker

Trius Showcase Chardonnay Oliveira Vineyard 2014 ($36)

Trius Barrel Fermented Trius Chardonnay 2015 ($19.95)

Trius Showcase Red Shale Cabernet Franc 2014 ($45)


Westcott Vineyards (Niagara, Ontario Canada)

Represented by: Carolyn Hurst, President

Reserve Chardonnay 2015 ($32.95)

Lillias 2016 ($21.95)

Estate Pinot Noir 2013 ($30)

Pinot Rosé 2016 ($ 23.95)



Cremaschi Furlotti (DO Loncomilla, Chile)

Represented by: Gonzalo Perez, Winemaker

Cremaschi Furlotti Single Vineyard 2016 ($21,95)

Cremaschi Furlotti Reserve 2016 ($16,95)

Cremaschi Furlotti Single Vineyard 2016 ($21,95)


Emiliana Organic Winery (Casablanca Valley, Chile)

Represented by: Fernando Pavon, Vice-President Sales

Novas Chardonnay 2016 ($$15.95 CAD)

Emiliana Sparkling Wine 0 ($$15.95 CAD)

Signos de Origen Pinot Noir 2016 ($$24.95 CAD)


Maycas Del Limari (Limari Valley, Chile)

Represented by: Matias Carcamo, Export Manager

Quebrada Seca 2014 ($29.95)

Reserva Especial 2015 ($19.95)

Reserva Especial 2015 ($19.95)


Vinas Ventisquero (Atacama Desert Casablanca Valley, Chile)

Represented by: Horacio Fuentes, US and Canada Sales Director

Tara Chardonnay 2014 ($51.95)

Grey Chardonnay 2015 ($19.95)



Berger-Rive (Burgundy, France)

Represented by: Paul Berger, Winery Owner & Winemaker

Manoir de Mercey, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune ‘Clos des Dames’ 2015 ($26,95)

Manoir de Mercey, Rully ‘Cuvée Louise’ 2015 ($30,95)

Manoir de Mercey, Mercurey ‘Chateaubeau’ 2014 ($29,95)


Champagne Drappier (Champagne, France)

Represented by: Charline Drappier, Director of Sales

Champagne Drappier Blanc de Blancs 0 ($59,99)


Domaine de Mauperthuis (Chablis, France)

Represented by: Stephane Saillet, Winemaker

Domaine de Mauperthuis, Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2014 ($33.95)

Chablis Montmains Premier Cru 2015 ($39.95)


Domaine Laroche (Chablis, France)

Represented by: Grégory Viennois, Technical Director

Domaine Laroche Chablis Saint Martin 2016 ($23.2)

Domaine Laroche Chablis Premier Cru les Vaudevey 2015 ($37.95)


La Maison du Vigneron ( Jura, France)

Represented by: Camilla de Vere Green, Key Account Manager Canada

Marcel Cabelier Côtes du Jura  Vieilles Vignes 2014 ($19.95)

Marcel Cabelier Crément du Jura Organic 2011 ($20.95)

Marcel Cabelier Côtes du Jura Pinot Noir Vielles Vignes 2013 ($19.95)


Maison Pierre Sparr (Alsace, France)

Represented by: Bernard Sparr, Brand Ambassador

Crémant Pierre Sparr Chardonnay Brut NV ($19.95)

Crémant Pierre Sparr Clos Sainte-Odile Chardonnay NV ($19.95)

Pinot Noir Calcaire Pierre Sparr 2013 ($20.95)



Borthwick Vineyard (Gladstone Wairarapa, New Zealand)

Represented by: Paddy Borthwick, Winemaker

Chardonnay 2016 ($28.00)

Pinot Noir 2015 ($35)


Invivo Wines (Gisborne Central Otago, New Zealand)

Represented by: Rob Cameron, Winemaker and Co-founder

Invivo Gisborne Chardonnay 2016 ($CDN$20-25)

Invivo Central Otago Pinot Noir 2016($CDN$30-35)


Spy Valley Wines (Marlborough, New Zealand)

Represented by: Peter Rawling, Global Sales Manager

Spy Valley Chardonnay 2015 ($22.95)

ENVOY Johnson Vineyard Chardonnay 2014 ($29.95)

Spy Valley Pinot Noir 2013 ($24.95)



Jean Leon (Catalunya, Spain)

Represented by: Miguel Torres, General Manager of the Torres Group

Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2016 ($20$)

Vinya Gigi NV


Miguel Torres S.A. (Catalunya, Spain)

Represented by: Miguel Torres, General Manager of the Torres Group

Milmanda 2013 ($45,00$)

Sons de Prades



Familia Traversa (Canelones, Uruguay)

Represented by: Diego Pomi, Export Manager

Viña Salort Chardonnay Reserve 2015 ($17.95)

Familia Traversa Chardonnay 2016 ($12.95)



Artesa (California Napa, USA)

Represented by: Evan Mouratidis, Canadian Export director

Artesa Carneros Chardonnay 2014 ($29.95)

Artesa Estate Reserve Chardonnay 2014 ($52.5)


Buena Vista Winery (Carneros California, USA)

Represented by: Leigh Ann Reed, International Sales Manager

Buena Vista Carneros Chardonnay 2015 ($26.95)

Buena Vista North Coast Chardonnay 2015 ($24.95)


Bachelder Oregon (Oregon Willamette Valley, USA)

Represented by: Mary Delaney, Owner

Bachelder Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2014 ($25)

Bachelder Chardonnay Johnson Vineyard 2013 ($44.95)

Bachelder Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2014 ($29.95$)


DeLoach Winery (Russian River Valley California, USA)

Represented by: Leigh Ann Reed, International Sales Manager

DeLoach OFS Chardonnay 2013 ($42.99)

DeLoach Stubbs Vineyard Chardonnay 2014 ($59.99)


Chamisal Vineyards (San Luis Obispo California, USA)

Represented by: Fin de Fresne, Winemaker

Chamisal Stainless Chardonnay 2015 ($28.5)

Chamisal Chamise Chardonnay 2014 ($94.5)

Chamisal Estate Pinot Noir 2013 ($41.95)


Hahn Family Wines (Santa Lucia Highlands California, USA)

Represented by: Evelyn Pool, Vice President

Hahn Chardonnay 2015 ($18.99)

Hahn ‘SLH’ Chardonnay 2015 ($42)

Hahn Pinot Noir 2015 ($19.99)


Mer Soleil Vineyard (Santa Lucia Highlands California, USA)

Represented by: Anya Spethmann, Export Manager, East

Mer Soleil ‘SLH’ Chardonnay 2015 ($34.95)

Mer Soleil Unoaked Silver Chardonnay 2015 ($29.95)


Rodney Strong Wine Estates (Sonoma California, USA)

Represented by: Angela Heffernan, Portfolio Manager and  Katie Lucenti  Corporate Account Manager

Rodney Strong Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2014 ($29.95)

Rodney Strong Estate Reserve Chardonnay 2014 ($49.95)

Rodney Strong Estate Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2014 ($32.95)


Scribe Winery (Sonoma Coast California, USA)

Represented by: Trey Bertram , Director of Sales and Adam Mariani, Owner

Scribe Chardonnay 2014 ($70)

Scribe Skin Fermented Chardonnay 2015 ($60)

Scribe Pinot Noir 2015 ($80)

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