BC’s Solvero Wines First Vintage Release – Pinot Gris and Rosé 2022PR SAMPLE 

Solvero Wines logoSolvero Wines in Summerland is one of our new BC wineries.  They grow their grapes in their Garent Valley and Happy Valley vineyards to the north and south of town.  Their commitment is to minimal intervention and transparency in all aspects of wine production. Andrea and Bob Sartor are the proprietors of the winery with their son, Matt Sartor, who took the Viticulture program at Okanagan College.  Matt then selected and planted 7 clones of Pinot Noir in 2016 and 2 clones of Chardonnay in 2017.  Alison Moyes is their winemaker, hailing originally from Nova Scotia, she enrolled in the Oenology and Viticulture program at Brock University and was able to experience several seasons in the Vineyard and Cellar in Ontario before coming to the Okanagan, initially in 2008 and then returning in 2009. Alison brings 14 years of premium Winemaking experience to Solvero, with expertise in crafting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay specifically. 

Today I opened their Solvero Wines Pinot Gris 2022 and Rosé 2022.  I also have a bottle of their Pinot Noir 2020 to open and review for you in a separate article. Their Rosé wine is made with Pinot Noir grapes.  Let me tell you about their Pinot Gris and Rosé wines.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Solvero Wines Pinot Gris 2022 (BC $25)

Fermented in 50% French oak barrels and 50% stainless steel tanks.  250 cases were produced.

Appearance: A clear bright, medium-plus intensity lemon colour.
Nose: Medium-plus intensity, rich aromas of pineapple and pears with a hint of apricot and lychee with air. The wine takes on a prominent toasty aroma after decanting.
Palate: Very slightly off-dry, with a medium body, round and nice mouth texture.  Bright acidity that also leaves a light acidic prickle on your tongue.  Pears and tropical fruit flavours, with hints of oak and grape stem, then pepperiness toward the finish. The toasty aroma continues to the palate with decanting.  The toast flavour and fruit flavour are about equal.  The acidity level also lessens with decanting.
Finish: Medium-plus length finishing with acidity to the end.  Tropical fruit, pears and touches of pepperiness and oak.  Some minerality and bitterness on the finish. Add toast plus more pepperiness with decanting.

I prefer the undecanted version as I enjoy the rich fruit aromas and flavours more than the toast that comes with decanting.

Rating: 4.5 stars Rich aromas of pineapples and pears predominate.  Slightly off-dry, this wine has a nice round mouthfeel and texture.  Pears and tropical fruit flavours on the palate with some pepperiness on the finish. Medium-plus length. 

Solvero Wines Pinot Gris 2022 and Rosé 2022 with wines in glasses
Solvero Wines Pinot Gris 2022 and Rosé 2022 with wines in glasses

Solvero Wines Rosé 2022 (BC $25)

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.  Three hours of skin maceration for colour and then fermentation till dry.  150 cases were produced.

Appearance: A clear bright medium intensity orange peach skin colour.
Nose: Medium-intensity aromas of red currants, rhubarb and candied red berries.  No change to the aromas after decanting.
Palate: Dry, medium plus body with a thick, round, buttery texture.  Flavours of red currents and rhubarb along with lesser amounts of red fruits and red apple skin.  The wine leaves a light acidic prickle on your tongue.  Light tannins as well. No change to the flavours after decanting.
Finish: Medium-plus length finishing with red fruit, rhubarb, red apple skin and some bitterness. No changes to the finish after decanting.

No need to decant this wine, just open and enjoy at your leisure.

Rating: 4 stars4.5 stars 

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can purchase both wines through the Solvero Wines website.

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