My First Post for 2016: A New Vintage of Singletree Wines to Try

Last year I was invited to try some of the wines from the new Singletree Winery, located in Abbotsford, BC.  A family run opereation by the Etsell’s, they planted their grape vines in 2011 and opened a wine shop in 2015.  Andrew Etsell grows the grapes, and is assisted by Okanagan winemaker, Matt Dumayne from Okanagan Crush Pad, to produce the wines.  My initial article on the Singletree Wines 2013 vintage I tasted is at this link.

I received the 2014 vintage of their Siegerrebe, Farmhand White, and Pinot Noir to review.  In my previous article I tried the 2013 vintages.  I invite you to read both reviews to see what similarities or differences you see between these wines.

A singletree
A singletree

My Wine Review

Singletree Winery Siegerrebe 2014 ($19.04) – Siegerrebe is a white grape that was bred in Germany by crossing Madeleine Angevine and Gewürztraminer.  It definitely shows some Gew character in this wine.  Pale straw in colour.  It has a medium plus intensity “sweet” nose, with aromas of lychee, flowers, candy floss, and mandarin orange.  It is between slightly off-dry, with medium plus acidity. The wine starts off with lots of tiny acidic prickle on the tongue that then fades, and becomes round and soft.  Starts with mandarin orange followed by stone fruit flavours.  Has a hint of pine needles too.  With decanting, lychee flavour becomes more evident.  Medium plus length with lychee and citrus rind flavour.

Rating: 4 stars  If you like Gewurztraminer, you will like this wine.  A very easy sipper with flowers, lychee and orange on the nose and palate.

Singletree Winery Farmhand White 2014 ($17.30) – A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, that is 100% oak barrel fermented. Medium plus lemon in colour, with medium intensity aromas, with toasty oak predominant, followed by tropical fruit.  A light pine needle note, and mandarin orange aroma detected with swirling in the glass.  Dry with medium roundness.  Soft but with bright citrus acidity at the back of your mouth.  Citrus flavours, with lesser amounts of tropical fruit and pears, oak, and a hint of pine needles.  With decanting the pine needle flavour becomes stronger than the oak (the Sauvignon Blanc coming to the fore). Medium length that finishes with pine needles and citrus, followed by some pepper.  Medium acidity on the finish.

Rating: 3.5 stars A nice bright wine with citrus notes.  With the 100% oak barrel fermentation, you need to enjoy oak in your wine.

Singletree Pinot Noir 2014 ($21.65) – Medium minus translucent garnet from the core to the rim.  Light and youthful aromas of flowers, red cherries, red fruits and baking spices.  With decanting the floral component diminishes on the nose.  Dry, medium bodied with floral, strawberry and raspberry aromas up front, followed by ripe red cherries and sweet spices.  Quite fruity.  Very light mouth feel.  Some salty minerality behind the fruit.  There is also medium toast.  Medium length with light tannins on the finish.  The fruit fades a little quickly and I wish it would last a little longer.  With decanting there is some bitterness on the finish.  Can drink this wine now, or age for maybe 2 years for optimum pleasure.

Rating: 4 stars  A feminine style pinot noir, with light floral and red fruits on the nose and palate.

Singletree Winery Siegerrebe, Farmhand White, and Pinot Noir in glasses
Singletree Winery Siegerrebe, Farmhand White, and Pinot Noir in glasses

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can purchase these wines through the winery, and winery’s online store at  Their wines are also available at select restaurants and private wine shops.

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