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Casale del Giglio Cesanese IGT 2018 and Matidia Cesanese IGT 2017

Casale del Giglio and the Indigenous Cesanese Grape

 mywinepal  August 25, 2020

Have you tried any Italian wines made with the Cesanese grape?  Probably not, but Casale del Giglio from the Lazio region of Italy is trying to bring this red grape some recognition. Cesanese is a low yield, late-ripening variety which lends itself to late harvesting. Each cluster is small, sparse and elongated, the berries oval and medium-sized. Their harvest does…

Casale del Giglio Faro Della Guardia Biancolella di Ponza Lazio IGT 2019 label

Casale del Giglio and the Biancolella di Ponza Indigenous Grape

 mywinepal  August 11, 2020

Another indigenous Italian grape for you.  This one is the Biancolella of Ponza.  According to Casale del Giglio, “The Biancolella grape was introduced to the Island of Ponza from the Island of Ischia (in the Bay of Naples) during the 18th century, when the city was ruled by the Bourbon monarchs. Cultivation of the grape in the Lazio region is…

Casale del Giglio Bellone 2019 and Anthium Bellone 2019

The Indigenous Bellone Grape and Wines by Casale del Giglio In Lazio Italy

 mywinepal  August 10, 2020

Have you heard of the almost forgotten indigenous vines of Lazio, Italy? One of the grapes grown along the coastal area around the town of Anzio is the ancient Bellone of Anzio grape.  It is a white grape variety.  There are a mere 511 ha of this grape grown in Italy. It is known for being both hardy and prolific….

Casale del Giglio wine label

Casale del Giglio from Lazio to Vancouver

 mywinepal  June 1, 2020

Who is Casale del Giglio? Have you heard of Casale del Giglio?  They are an iconic brand located 50km south of Rome that is well known in Rome and Lazio.  Of interest is that they are working with the almost forgotten indigenous vines of Lazio. These include coastal varieties such as the Biancolella of Ponza, the Bellone of Anzio, and the…

VinItaly International

Robusto Rosso Italian Red Wines from VinItaly 2017 Tour

 mywinepal  May 8, 2017

From my previous article, I showed you which white, sparkling, and sweet wines I thought were of excellent quality at the #VinItaly tour held in Vancouver.  But of course, Italy is well-known for their red wines, from the north, e.g. Nebbiolo, to the south, e.g. Nero D’Avola and Nerello Mascalese.  Again I ask you to try a grape you may not…

GAMBERO ROSSO Tre Bicchieri 2014 World Tour Impresses in Vancouver

 mywinepal  May 27, 2014  1 Comment on GAMBERO ROSSO Tre Bicchieri 2014 World Tour Impresses in Vancouver

Tre Bicchieri; The Best of the Best of Italian wines.  The Tre Bicchieri World Tour recently came to Vancouver for us to experience their top rated Italian wines.  This is only the second year this event has stopped in Canada, and only visits a few cities around the world each year, so we should be very proud to be selected…