Chronos Rose 2022 with Grilled Pork Chop Pairing for a Summer Dinner

Summer is shining bright and hot in BC at the moment. Chilled white wines or rose wines seem appropriate. Nothing too heavy to weigh us down. Fresh fruits and bright acidity are what I look for in a wine at this time. With the summer heat, I decided to marinate pork chops and then open a bottle of TIME Family of Wines Chronos Rosé 2022 which I recently received.  The wine is made from Syrah grapes.  Let me tell you about the wine.

My Wine Tasting Notes

TIME Family of Wines Chronos Rosé 2022 (BC $25.99)

TIME Family of Wines Chronos Rosé 2022 with wine in glass
TIME Family of Wines Chronos Rosé 2022 with wine in glass

Appearance: A lighter orange-peach colour.
Nose: Medium-plus intensity aromas primarily of rhubarb, but I also pick up a candied component (floss?), and possibly some red currants. No change to the aromas after decanting.
Palate: Dry, medium body, with a round, soft mouthfeel.  Medium-plus intensity flavours, primarily rhubarb, but I also pick up strawberry, red currant (the winery mentions cranberry), candy floss, a touch of bitterness and pepperiness. The wine takes on maybe a little off-dry tasting with decanting.  Same flavours.
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing with lingering flavours of rhubarb and candy floss and a touch of bitterness. Some sweetness on the finish with decanting.

No need to decant, unless you prefer a touch of sweetness on the palate.

Rating: 4 stars A rose that has a prominent rhubarb aroma and flavour, along with a touch of candied floss and red currants.  Dry, medium body with a round soft mouthfeel.  Medium-plus length.

Food and Wine Pairing

BBQ pork chops, mixed bell peppers, and plated dinner with Chronos Rose 2022
BBQ pork chops, mixed bell peppers, and plated dinner with Chronos Rose 2022

The marinade flavours can affect the interaction with a wine’s flavours.  My marinade contained: soya sauce, ketchup, calamansi juice (Filipino lime juice), pineapple juice, garlic, vinegar, black pepper, and brown sugar. You get sweet, sour, and peppery flavours from this marinade, which should work with many aromatic white wines, rose wines, and lighter-bodied reds, e.g. Gamay. 

How was the pairing with the pork chops?  The fruitness and acidity in the wine were a nice complement to the smoky and slightly sweet bbq flavour of the pork chops.  The sourness/acidity in the pork chop did not show up as a flavour, rather it tenderized the chops.

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

You can purchase this wine online at the TIME Family of Wines website.

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